Thursday, April 17, 2014

Learn To Spell Your Name Activity for Preschoolers

7:57 AM

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When teaching my kids the alphabets, I always like to start with letters from their name. That way, the first thing they can spell is their name.

Here is one activity I found that helps them spell their name. Have them arrange the letters of their name to form a snowman. I'm a bit lazy here and opted out of making snowman hats and a scarf. But if you want cuter snowmen, I'd encourage you to do that. I guess we could do the same thing and make caterpillars too.

Gluing and pasting is ideal when kids are still don't know how to write or are still struggling to control their pencil movements. My little girl here really enjoyed this activity. She wanted to do more. This helped her learn not only to put the letters of her name in the right order but also to put the alphabets the right way up.

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Ai Lian Lim

Friday, April 04, 2014

Strengthening Basic Multiplication Skills in Children

9:55 AM

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Yesterday, as I presented my student with a worksheet of basic multiplication questions, she started to yawn (unintentionally, of course). I've been working with this kid for the past 2 months to really strengthen her multiplication skills. We've already worked on the individual times tables: 2 - 12. Unfortunately, I only see her 3x a weeks and I doubt she even looks at the multiplication tables the other days. BUT the only way any child is going to be an expert with basic multiplication is to practice, practice, practice everyday until they get it.

The problem is, how to make them practice without boring them out of their minds?

So, this is what we did yesterday... We created a game out of the multiplication grid.

She wrote in the ones that she absolutely knew... ones that she could answer in 2 seconds. The ones where she hesitated, we put a colored paper. So now, she can take home this game, and fill up the missing blanks with counters that show the correct answer. This way, she only practices the ones that she has been having problems remembering. It is sort of like 'target practice'.

So if you have a child that has already learned all the multiplication tables but are still struggling to remember certain ones, this is one way to target those troubled areas and have fun at the same time.
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Ai Lian Lim

Monday, March 31, 2014

Brainzy: Making Computer Time Fun and Educational For Preschool to 1st Grade

12:30 AM

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I think many of us parents have a hard time controlling the number of hours our young children are on the computer. It is almost to the point of addiction... or is it just my kids? Every day I hear the same question, "Mom, can I use the computer?"
You can't really ban computer from their lives. So the next best thing would be to make sure they are using their computer time wisely.

Learning does not always equal "boring". Kids can play computer games and be learning at the same time. Brainzy is one such program.

Try a free trial of the Brainzy educational games program today!

This is a paid program. I know there are many free programs out there but not all of them are good quality. There is a free trial for Brainzy. Give it a try before you decide if it is worth your money. See if your children like the games. If they are having fun and you see learning taking place, you should consider adding Brainzy to your education resources.

Go check it out for yourself.

*This post contains affiliate links.
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Ai Lian Lim

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Awesome Worksheets That Make Learning Fun For Your Kids

5:55 PM

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I'm always looking for ways to make learning fun for my kids. I am currently homeschooling 1 child and have another 2 going to school. Unfortunately, teachers here are not very creative. The culture is such that kids are drilled to pass exams. My kids constantly tell me how boring their homework is.

I am not one to leave all the teaching to the school. I believe as a mother, I am still their number 1 teacher. And so I am always on the net, scouring for fun educational stuff for them. I can only hope to keep their love for learning alive.

So I'm here to tell you about a website that offers a variety of fun worksheets and workbooks... provides printable workbooks to help children learn key skills in math, reading and writing. These workbooks are suitable for children in preschool through fifth grade.

New Workbooks on!

I've downloaded quite a few from their website. If you are seeking fun worksheets for your kids, I encourage you to check out this website. You can download some for free but there is a limit every month. If you want to enjoy the full privileges, there is a fee to pay. They offer a subscription service that grants access to all workbooks. The quality of worksheets you get makes it pretty worth it.

Have a look and tell me if this resource will help in your child's education.

Save 20% by signing up for a PLUS subscription AND get unlimited workbook downloads! workbooks on PLUS

Here are some of the products available:

Ready to crunch some numbers? This workbook will help your child review numbers and counting, and introduce your little learner to number sequences, order and grouping.

Explore the parts of a plant and the stages of life it goes through. Then try your hand at germinating seeds as you introduce your little bud to important plant processes like photosynthesis.

These worksheets will strengthen your fourth grader's writing conventions and sentence construction, including capitalization, punctuation, and spelling.

What's a metaphor? How do you haiku? Kids will hone reading and writing skills with this book, from a simple syllable counting exercise to inventing rhymes and tangling with the Jabberwocky!

 *This post contains affiliate links. 
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Ai Lian Lim

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Frozen Fans Will Love Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll

10:56 AM

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My 4 year old daughter can't get enough of the movie Frozen. I have to admit, I truly enjoyed the movie too and the songs are now stuck in our heads.

This Disney 3D animated musical takes place in an imaginary land called Arendelle. Loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen's chilly Nordic-based classic The Snow Queen, Frozen is centered around sisters Anna and Elsa, daughters of the King and Queen of Arendelle. While one sister (Elsa) stays isolated filled with fear, the other sister (Anna) is bursting with energy and life. A real contrast in character. This Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll delivers the younger of the two sisters in faithful detail. Let's step inside the frozen fantasy environment of Arendelle and take a closer look at young Anna.

Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll

Key Features
  • Based on a character from the hit Disney animated film Frozen
  • Anna is the younger of the two sisters, the main characters in the film
  • Anna's gown from the movie is re-created with pink swirls, sparkles and flowers
  • Bright blue skirt also included, bearing traditional Norwegian design

Why is the Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll a Smart Buy?

If you have a little girl that is a Frozen fan and especially loves Princess Anna, you can be sure that the Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll will be a good gift choice.

Get the best price over at Amazon.

Imaginary play helps keep your child's imagination alive. With this doll, your little girl can have fun re-creating those movie moments with this detailed Disney doll.

In the movie, the removable skirt, multicolored bodice, black snow boots and pink cape that Anna wears are all beautifully detailed in the girl-friendly colors of pink and light blue. They have been wonderfully re-created on this Disney doll, as well as Norwegian designs complete with rosemaling present on the skirt. And the many sparkles seen on the film character's Anna are here as well.

This doll will bring the movie character to life for your little princess. The attention to detail includes molded lace features on the black snow boots, as well as the familiar freckles on Anna's face and pink tiara.

The Disney Frozen Sparkle Anna of Arendelle Doll is definitely a must-have for the Disney Princess lover, Disney collector and the gift buyer looking for an extremely attractive retail price tag. The big-screen Anna character is faithfully reproduced, and Disney has also re-created Anna's wintry home in the Disney Frozen Castle & Ice Palace Playset.

Whether just purchasing Anna, or including her sister Elsa and the Disney Playset, your little girl will busy enjoying herself and making up her own imaginary stories with these wonderful Disney toys.
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Ai Lian Lim

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Oreo Ice Cream Cake

9:43 AM

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My son just had a birthday. Of course there must be a cake. Some of the kids were asking for ice cream cake. Buying one is quite expensive. So, once again, I had to turn to Mr. Google to see if I could make one myself. This is what I came up with at the end: Oreo Ice Cream Cake.

It's pretty easy to make and the kids (plus friends) gave it a thumbs up.

Here's how I did it:

1. Baked a Lemon Cake. Of course I didn't do it from scratch. Just got a box of the shelves (Pillsbury). Most people use chocolate cake but the tangy lemon really blended nicely with my fudge topping.

2. Slice the cake into 2 layers so you can sandwich the ice cream in between. Put one layer at the bottom of your cake tray.

3. Crush a packet of Oreos. If you want more Oreos, just crush more. Mix it with your choice of ice cream. Vanilla, chocolate or Cookies N Cream flavor works well.

4. The ice cream has to be a little bit soft. Scoop out the ice cream and make a layer on top of the cake.

5. Put another layer of cake on top of the ice cream. Put back in the freezer so the ice cream hardens up.

6. Meanwhile, make some chocolate hot fudge . You can find a recipe that you like but I used this recepi:
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup corn syrup
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/4 cup evaporated milk
1 1/2 tbs butter

7. Pour the chocolate hot fudge on top of the cake layer. Return the cake to the freezer.

8. Just before you serve the cake, top off the cake with swirls of whip cream. Add a little bit more crushed Oreos to that.

I hope my directions make sense. You're basically just putting one layer on top of another. Modify to your liking.

Leave a comment to tell me what you think.
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Ai Lian Lim

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Easy Hot Dog Buns For School or Snack

9:15 AM

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One of my friends shared with me this fried hot dog bun after church and it was really yummy. My kids tell me that they sell it at the school canteen too (RM1 each). It is so easy to make and the kids love it. If you're out of ideas on what to pack for your kid's recess time, this is something to consider.

 All you need is bread, hotdogs and a rolling pin. Just put the hotdogs (here we call them sausages) in boiling water to cook.

Use the rolling pin to flatten the bread. Place a hotdog on top of it and roll it up. 

Fry it in oil. Make sure the oil is not too hot as it can get burned really fast. Add ketchup, chilli sauce or mayonnaise. Its also yummy just eating it plain.

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Ai Lian Lim