Monday, May 25, 2009

Need A Facial Assistant?

I bought a facial mask that is clear in color. Directions were to peel it off after it's dried. Well, guess who decided to step in to be my facial assistant?

Funny thing was, I pretended that my skin was coming off. So, as he peeled off the mask, he would ask with a concern look... "mommy, pain?" Hehehehe. Notty mommy! Anyway, he did a great job and look how serious he is at doing the job too.

Mama's Parenting Tip:
  1. Try to involve your children in the many things you do.
  2. You can play a joke on your children once in a while. But make sure you tell them the truth afterwards and don't hurt their feelings too much. Hahahaha.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Used Golf Bags For SALE!

I've got 4 used golf bags sitting in my house. Anybody interested in buying one, please write to me. New golf bags these days are so expensive. So these used bags are ideal if you (or someone in your household) are just picking up the game. I can meet up at PJ, Subang or Bkt. Jelutong to hand over the bag(s).

Here's a little bit about the bags:

  1. Black Saujana Bag - 9" opening. Quite heavy and very sturdy. Like a competition bag. Still in pretty good condition. RM150
  2. Green bag - 9" opening. Still looks quite good. Not very heavy. RM90
  3. Plaid bag - 8.5" opening. Also quite light. Strap is torn (refer to photo below). You might want to change it. RM80
  4. Maxfli bag - 8.5" opening. Looks a bit worn but definitely still usable. RM80

Yummy Recipe For Kids:Tau Joo Belly Pork

Now that I'm back in the kitchen again, thought I'd share this delicious dish with you. It's "Tau Joo Belly Pork". To my Malay readers, sorry "ini tak halal".

At first the idea was to cook "Tau Yew Bak" (Belly Pork in Soy Sauce). But then, I wasn't quite in the mood for that and decided to tweak it a bit and make "Tau Ju Bak" instead.


  • Belly Pork (Sam Chan Bak)
  • Garlic - Just peel off the skin, no need to chop up. Cook the pips whole.
  • Chinese mushroom - soak to soften. Then cut to smaller into bite size.
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Marinate - Soy sauce, dark sauce, oyster sauce, salt, pepper, sugar
  • Tau Joo (Fermented Bean Curd)

How To Cook:

  1. Marinate the pork for about 1 hour or more.
  2. Put little bit of oil into the wok.
  3. Fry the garlic for a few minutes, then add in the marinated pork (along with the marinate sauce).
  4. Throw in the chinese mushroom as well and stir fry for a while.
  5. When pork is about 3/4 done, add 2-3 pieces of Tau Joo and some of the juice too. How much Tau Joo depends on how much pork you are cooking.
  6. Stir fry for about 1-2 minutes.
  7. Later, add enough water to cover everything in the wok. For me, I like to transfer everything into a pot.
  8. Turn the fire down to medium and let cook until ready (45min - 1hr).
  9. Last of all, add the hard boiled eggs.

KokoD loved this dish a lot. This was his comment "Mommy, I'm not hungry anymore but I'm still eating because it tastes so nice." He ate 3 helpings of rice for lunch.

My taste buds was also tingling for something a little spicy that day, so I also cooked "Kacang Botol With Sambal Hay Bee" (Four Angled Beans with Spicy Dried Shrimp). Mmmm... Yummy!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stylin' With Hair Gel

Since KokoD was a baby, his father has been cutting his hair. And it's been the same style of haircut until recently. KokoD no more wants to follow his daddy's and little brother's almost "botak" (bald) hairstyle. The last few times DH took out his hair shaving gadget for a cutting session, KokoD outrightly refused a haircut. His hair has grown out and now he has been trying to get it to stand up.

I'm tickled pink by how vain my little boy is getting. He wets his hair everytime he has a bath just so he can comb his hair up. But of course we know that water doesn't hold the hair up forever, so we finally decided to get him some hair gel. It's funny how he doesn't like the way I style it for him, he must do it HIS way.
My baby with his little "botak" head.

Now my little man, stylin' his hair and all. (Sob, sob). He is not too happy here. First time trying out the hair gel. Couldn't get it the way he wanted. Complained that his hair is a bit too long. Mommy calling him "Mr. Porcupine" didn't help either.

Today seems to be a better hairday. He got it the way he likes. No more complains about hair being too long and sticking out too much. You can tell how happy he is just by the big smile on his face. Father still insists he shave it all off. Sigh!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Do You Know What is "Chee Cheong Pau"?

Sometimes, it's a mystery what BabyD is saying. He doesn't pronounce words very clearly and loves to leave out certain consonants. Well, the other day we were trying to figure out what he was saying. It sounded like "Chee Cheong Pau". Only after he started to sing "Are you sleeping..." did we figured it out he was actually saying "Ding Dong Bell". Enjoy his singing!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day!

Forgot to put up a post to wish all mothers, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"

As for me, mother's day came, mother's day went. Nothing special. Went to church as usual. Since I'm in the primary organization (nursery teacher), I helped the kids make some lollipop flowers for their mothers. Two sisters (the primary president and her counsellor) were busy making sure all the mothers would get one, nobody made for them. So, I crafted a few more at home and added some "extras" to the gift.

Grabbed a small decorative cup, added shreded crepe paper and some candy. Stuck the lollipop candy on top.

Recycled a glass jar, had my daughter stick some gold stars on it, added some shreded crepe paper and then threw in some candy. Top it off with the lollipop flower and a carnation.

It's really interesting how I got the carnation. DH is working on a Malaysian florist website and he went over to the lady's (her name is Mei) house to discuss some details. I went along with him coz' he also had other errands to run and it's easier if someone sits in the car so you don't waste time looking for parking. Plus, it was a great excuse to get my Mother's Day treat: Ipoh Chicken Rice over at Jln. Gasing. Anyway, back to Mei's house... She's such a nice lady... She gave me a basket of floral arrangement. And then when we were about to get into the car to leave, she comes running out of the house with a box of Ferrero Rouche chocolates to give BabyD because she said he was so good to wait for his daddy. Nice lady huh? I forgot to take a picture of the flowers but it was Geberas and Carnations. If you want to see her wonderful floral masterpieces, go to her website --
At the moment there's only one link to "Mother's Day" flowers. There are more products coming up. DH and me are working on the site and will be uploading the new pages soon. If you are looking for floral gifts, do look for Mei. Once again, she's such a nice lady! I'm sure you'll be happy doing business with a nice lady :)

Okay, so what did I get my mom? Well, I haven't gotten it yet but I know she likes the solar garden lights I have in my garden. I'll be getting a few for her as her Mother's Day gift.

As for my kids, my daughter made me a Mother's Day card. Errr... that was it. I guess mommy is special to them everyday so Mother's Day is no biggie. Heheheh. Yeah, that's what I like to think :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5th Month Of Pregnancy

Last check up, weight has gone up another 2kg. I'm now at 69kg. I'm eating like normal again and have been thoroughly enjoying the mango season. I'm also back in the kitchen cooking. Skills are a bit rusty but children have yet to complain. (They don't dare. Muahahahaha. Just kidding). The energy is back up again. I'm not pooped out after doing laundry and preparing lunch. Still need my afternoon nap though.

The weather has been crazily hot but I think my heat generator is also on overdrive now. Even though today was cooler than other days, I was still sweating and feeling like I was being BBQed. I'm so hoping I win an air-conditioner from the LG Life's Cool contest over at The Star Online. I have an aircond in my room but using it will drive my electric bill up the wazoo because of a compressor problem. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. DH said we have to live prudently. I agree BUT this is a NEED, not a want. Pregnant ladies have special privileges don't they? Sigh!

My stomach is now the size of a little watermelon. I can still wear my rubber-waisted house pants but have to pull out the maternity dresses for church. The tummy is not as big as it can be yet but I'm already finding it a tad difficult bending down to put on my pants. Great excuse to get my kids to do things for me. Hahahaha.

It was such a relief to hear the baby's heartbeat during my last check up. Once again the nurse tried with one of those doppler gadgets. She did take a while but we found it. I've also felt baby move more often now. Nurse's advise before I left -- drink milk! Not just any milk but those specially for expecting mothers. I'm not really a milk drinker and I didn't really bother much with it with my last 3 babies. Nevertheless, I am being obedient and got myself a packet of milk for pregnant ladies.

Well, the 2nd trimester is suppose to be the best. I totally agree! I'm at 20 weeks now, so I'm half way there. Don't know when the doctor will scan again coz' I'm eager to know the sex of the baby. People have been asking too. Which do I prefer? I have no preference. As long as baby is healthy and obedient, I will be happy!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Parent's Dilemma In Getting Children To Study

CHONGQING, CHINA - MARCH 5:  A student does ho...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Once again the school exams are coming up. How are your children with studying? As for me, I'm sought of in a dilemma when it comes to getting my daughter to study. I don't want to be a nagger, but I also don't want to neglect my role as a parent.

It would be easier if our children naturally had the knack for studying. Life would be blissful if they would hit the books without us saying a word. Unfortunately, my daughter has inherited my bad qualities of procrastination, sleeping in, and wasting time. Her type is the "play first, work later" kind. She really has a carefree life, and I'm not sure if that is a bad thing or not.

Anyway, below are some of our parenting dilemmas when it comes to our children's studies:
  • Like all parents, I also want my children to excel. I know my daughter is quite smart. Not a genius but at least have the ability to be somewhere near the top of her class. Afterall, one of the reason I'm a SAHM is so I can give them the best nurturing. So, all that nurturing should bring about some good right? Plus, she is only in Std.2 and in a kebangsaan (national) school. We all know that the education level isn't as high or as tough as the chinese school. And the stuff she is learning is nothing new to her as I've taught her most of it before. SO, expecting her to pass with flying colors is really reasonable. It is within her capabilities.

    BUT THEN...

    We all know it's not very healthy for a parent to put too much expectation on a child. It might put too much pressure on them or make them despise school and learning. You don't want them to feel that they are a disappointment or a failure. That would just hurt their self esteem. The previous school exams, I kept reminding my daughter to study. But I didn't sit her down and force her to do work. I wanted her to learn that the results she get is directly related to the effort she puts in. I wanted her to learn that excellence is HER decision, not mine. Well, her results came in and some subjects were good and some were not. She had done better before. I asked her if she was satisfied with what she got, and she said "yes". So now, should I be happy that she is satisfied even though she could have done better? Or should I harp on the fact that her easy attitude had yield average results? "Should I set the expectations for my children or let them set their own expectations?"

  • When I was growing up, my mother left me to do my own studying. Fortunately for her (and for me), I was self motivated when it came to studying. On the other hand, I know some of my friends' parents watched them like a hawk. As parents, there are two ways to approach our children's studying:
    1. Encourage self motivation and self learning.
    2. Hold their hand, push/force/coach them to do the work.

    Of course if you ask any parent, the first approach would be the ideal. The second would require much effort and discipline on our part. Would you like to know which is the right way? Or are you more interested in which way works? The right way doesn't always work and the one that works isn't always right. Hope I haven't confused you yet:)

    Let me elaborate further...

    I think most of us will agree that self motivation and self learning is the right way. Afterall, if they are going to be successful in life, the drive has to come from within. One day, they are going to leave us and will have to take care of themselves. If we don't teach them to be independant now, what's going to happen to them in the future?
    Unfortunately, leaving our children to do their own homework and studying doesn't mean they will do it. We might end up having to meet the teacher to explain missing/undone homework or see a lot of red marks in their report card. Worse if our children are being hit on the hand for work not done correctly (yes, we all know it's happening in the chinese schools). So, now self motivation may be the right way but may not work for the child. We know that some children really need to be pushed and closely monitored. They won't like it and you also run the risk of making them hate school. BUT that may be the only way to get decent, if not good, results. Also, there is the argument that young children need the discipline and guidance. They are new to school and exams and need someone to teach them how to revise and prepare. Like a baby who is just learning to walk, you hold their hands until they are steady and can walk by themselves. So, the coaching and "hawk eye" may be necessary for self motivation and self learning to take place later.

    So what is our parent's dilemma? Figuring out if our approach is going to benefit our child or if it will make matters worse. Like with my daughter, I don't want to push her too much and cause her stress. She might rebel instead. But I'm afraid if I don't push her, she will just take things easy and not live up to her potential. Plus, every child is different. What works for one parent will not necessarily work for another.

  • Then there is the fact that straight A's on a report card doesn't guarantee a child's future success or happiness. There are so many aspects to intelligence, not just maths or science. Your child's talent may not lie in academics. If that's the case, why worry about what position they are getting in class? Why have such a narrow vision on your child's ability? Plus children may be late bloomers. I know I didn't start getting good results in school till Std.6. Maybe my daughter is the same? Plus, the fact that I was good in golf did not show up in my report card.

    BUT THEN...

    We also know that good results in school may be necessary to further other interests. For example, my good results earned me a scholarship so I could pursue my golfing interest overseas. So yes, a report card does not reflect your child's true talent but unfortunately the system is such that good grades do get you a little further in life. So, what is our dilemma? To worry or not to worry?

I guess when it comes to our children's studying, the tough part is finding a balance! To expect but not expect too much, to push but not push too hard, to be worried but now worry too much. Aiyayayay, if only we could see into the future to see what fruits our parenting methods will yield.

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Top 10 Reasons eBook Marketing Rocks

When I wanted to learn how to do business online, I chose to sell children's books. Although it was fun to shop for the books and I believed I was helping many mother's out there, it turned out to be an unlucrative business. Of course if I had the capacity to expand the business as big as Amazon, then maybe it would have been worth my efforts. But I'm just a SAHM trying to earn some extra bucks. It turned out to be too much work and not enough pay. Anyway, I don't regret doing it. It was my "learning lab". My online bookshop is still around, but rather than sell physical books, I'm now selling e-books. My target are still parents and include topics such as parenting, education, work from home, home management and personal improvement.

Why the change?
Well, one of the main things is that it allows me to own an international business. A business that is not confined by geography. If you sell physical products, your main target would be those around your locality. Selling to oversea clients is still possible but shipping is usually a pain.

eBook marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of making money on the Internet. It’s inexpensive to get started, there is minimal upkeep and the profit margin is huge. Whether you want to earn an extra few hundred dollars a month, or make a full-time income online, eBook marketing can be just the ticket.

eBooks are easy to create, sell and deliver and services like Mom PLR eBooks make it even easier.

If you are wondering if you should venture into eBook marketing, read on to find out the top 10 reasons eBook marketing rocks:

1. eBooks are popular.

Despite the so-called economic downturn, the demand for eBooks continues to increase. According to the International Digital Publishing Forum, sales of eBooks in the United States increased, from US$8 million in the fourth quarter of 2007 to over $17 in the last quarter of 2008. There’s no doubt that the demand for eBooks is high.

2. eBooks are easy to write.

You don’t have to be an expert or a writer to create and market your own eBooks. In fact, you don’t have to write them yourself. Services like Mom PLR eBooks create the eBooks for you, and all you have to do is to market them (and Mom PLR eBooks makes marketing easier, too).

3. eBooks are “green”.

Because eBooks are digital, they don’t require paper, ink and fuel to print, store and ship. This makes eBooks attractive to consumers, who are becomingly increasingly concerned about the environment.

4. eBooks are inexpensive to produce.

Because there’s no printing involved, all you need to produce an eBook is software to transform the text file into a PDF. This software is bundled in Mac computers, if that’s what you use, or is available inexpensively for Windows users. Plus, it’s super easy to update an eBook and make it more current, and you won’t be left with stockpiles of old or obsolete versions. That said, if your customers want a printed version of your eBook, you can easily make it available as well through print-on-demand services.

5. eBooks are cheap and easy to store.

If you were selling physical books, you would have to think of where to store all your stock. You could keep them in your house, or pay for storage space elsewhere. With eBooks, all you need is web hosting, which you can have for as little as $5 a month (and getting even cheaper). Plus, you don’t have to worry about protecting stocks from dust, rain, mold and rodents.

6. eBooks are free and fast to deliver.

You can “deliver” an eBook to your customer as quickly as you send Email. This is a big advantage, especially to customers who need to have the solution to their problems right now - like the Mom who is up at 2 am wondering how she can get her baby to sleep through the night.

7. eBooks can be consumed “on the go”.

Everybody’s so busy running around nowadays, and we like being able to bring information with us wherever we go. With a digital book reader or cell phone, your customers will be able to bring their eBooks with them anywhere. They’re much less bulky than printed books.

8. eBooks can be transformed into other information products.

From a marketing point of view, each eBook is a potential gold mine. You can: split it up into articles, short reports, or eCourses. You can transform it into audio and video. You can use it to provide regular content in membership sites. Or, you can combine individual but eBooks into “the ultimate resource” for your niche. As a member of Mom PLR eBooks, you’ll get a 5-day eCourse, newsletter topic ideas, and more tips for using and marketing your monthly eBook.

9. eBooks make it easy to cross-sell and upsell products.

A really cool feature of eBooks is they allow you to hyperlink to websites. This means you can add affiliate links to products or services that are relevant to the eBook’s topic. You could also link to other eBooks that you sell, including higher-priced products and continuity programs. This is why some marketers make money from giving away eBooks.

10. eBooks are interactive.

eBooks are going high-tech! You can now add audio and video files into them. You can insert a survey form that the reader can instantly submit via the Internet. All this makes for a richer experience with eBooks, which is sure to make them even more irresistible to consumers.

In short, eBook marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income online and Mom PLR eBooks makes it even easier.

Click here to try Mom PLR eBooks. Use coupon code “10 off” to get $10 off your first month of membership.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Free PLR Pack - Articles for Moms

Some of you visiting my blog have mom-related online business. Well, if that's you, then here's a treat for you. I just found a 9-pack of completely free private label articles you can download. Content is family-related and mom-targeted. Just click the following -- Mom-targeted Content

How does this benefit you?
You can edit the content, brand it and add product promotions - it’s completely up to you. It’s ready-made content…saving you plenty of time and money.

You don’t have to register, opt-in or anything to get the complimentary 9-pack. Just click the link above…you’ll get them right away.