Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Microfibre cloths - You can live without it, but why would you?

Being a woman, and with kids in addition to that, life can be such a mess. Everyday, I have to deal with:
  • Oops mom! I spilt it again... and again... and again.
  • Nooooo Damus! Food has to stay in your plate. Not on the table and not on the floor.
  • Haiya Damus! Mummy already told you to draw only on paper. See, this is floor, this is paper.
  • Ahchoo! Ahchoo! Honey, I think there is too much dust around. I'm getting sick. The kids are getting sick.
  • Why the fan moving so slow ah? I think it's time to get rid of all that black stuff clinging to it.
  • Mom, Damus spit out on the floor again.

The best thing a friend ever did for me was to introduce me to microfibre cleaning cloths. Life is just sooooo much bearable now.

Kitchen grime? Dirty bathroom tiles? Spilt juice? Crayon marks on the floor? Dusty fans? Dirty car? NO PROBLEM. I can handle it all now.

Before my microfibre cloth era, cleaning always began with a hunt for a reasonably ok rag. Yup, the usual act of going through old T-shirts and towels. Then it is "chit-chit" here and "chit-chit" there. Definately have to use cleaning chemicals or nothing gets cleaned. Once done, the rag goes into the trash can. Haiya, so dirty already and soaked with chemicals, might as well throw it out.
Sigh! Cleaning is the synonym to troublesome, time consuming, messy and work. It is so demotivating to think about cleaning. But you know what, you just can't run away from it. Even if you are lucky enough to hire someone to clean for you, it is still your responsibility to make sure it's done right.

Now with my microfibre cloths, cleaning is synonym to fast, easy, and chemical free. I just grab the cloth, wet it, wring it, and then clean, clean, clean. That's all to it. Oh, of course have to wash the cloth after that lah. But that is not too difficult either. Being the lazy person that I am when it comes to cleaning, the microfibre cloth is actually quite motivating. Who wouldn't get excited to see dirt, grime or whatever come off so effortlessly. It makes me feel like I'm soooo clever to keep my home clean. Anyone can also be soooo clever in cleaning. All you need is the right tool in your hand. And I love the idea that I do not have to use chemicals. I don't have to worry anymore about getting chemicals in my food and kitchen utensils or stuff that my kids will touch and play with.

You know, my friend was right when she said many people are in the dark ages when it comes to cleaning. People invest in the latest computer technology, high-tech electrical stuff, and the best educational programs for their children. But when it comes to cleaning tools, we still stick to our dirty, ineffective rags. Why?

There are tools out there that women can use to make their lives and the lives of their family better. Cut down on your chemical usage now! Make your life easier and your home cleaner. The microfibre cloth is a tool no woman should be without. You can live without it, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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