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Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor with 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen

If you are looking for a reliable video baby monitor, you must consider Motorola's MBP36 digital video baby monitor. Among all the video baby monitors out there, it is one of the best rated baby monitors. It is also currently one of the best selling models. Many parents love it because all its features work exactly as expected.

Let's take a quick look at its features and functions.

  • 3.5" color LCD screen, up to 25 fps
  • 2.4GHz FHSS technology (wireless connection) with two-Way communication
  • Color LCD screen with infrared night vision
  • Remote pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Additional camera capability to take digital pictures when needed.
  • Five lullabies built in
  • Data encryption for security
  • 5 LED alerts for sound-activated lights
  • Room temperature monitor
  • Up to 200M range with "out-of-range" warning
  • Expandable up to 2 parent units and 4 cameras
  • Can be wall mounted


It can be extremely frustrating when you bring home a baby monitor that fails to function as it should. Most common complaints about video baby monitors are:
- Grainy images
- Annoying static, crackling and popping sounds.
- Bad sound quality
- Bad reception because of inteference from other wireless products
- No security. Other people are able to listen in to your conversations or pick up images of your baby.
- Limited range of reception. They could not get a reception in certain places in the house.

Well, lots of people are pleased with this Motorola digitial video baby monitor because it eliminates all the problems above.


Motorola Baby Monitor
The picture is very clear, even the night vision. The 3.5" color LCD screen is bigger than most baby monitor screens. You don' have to squint to see what's going on.

Wireless broadband, cordless phones and other wireless technology will not likely interfere with your reception. Vice versa, this monitor will not interfere with your home network too. You won't get irritating static noises. Not only do you get a clear picture, you have good audio too. These are some feedback from parents:

"Monitors that I have previously owned have interfered with my wireless network and watching Netflix through Apple TV and browsing the Internet was filled with annoying buffering delays and would sometimes override the wireless signal completely. Motorola has completely eliminated this problem with its new wireless technology. This monitor has never interfered with my home network and everything works beautifully together."
Amazon customer

"Also, I live in a two story home with wireless everything (my house is Grand Central with all the wireless technology.) and this monitor does great with cell phone, wireless router, and computer reception. There is no interference at all."
Amazon customer

"One common baby monitor complaint is that people have to crank the volume to hear their babies crying, but that's definitely not a problem here. We've got the monitor a good 8 feet away from the baby and if we want, we can hear every gurgle and grunt she makes. Additionally, the audio going the other way (i.e. speaking to your baby) is remarkably clear. "
The Source Reviews & Ratings

"I am a light sleeper and wake at his every roll and whimper at night. I used to get NO sleep. With this monitor I can put the volume up loud to hear every little move or put the volume down low to only wake when he cries loudly."
Amazon customer


Analog monitors may be less expensive but they do not give you the security that the digital monitors offer. Analog monitors use radio waves. That's why other people in the vicinity can pick up on your transmission. Digital monitors convert sounds into data. This Motorola baby monitor comes with data encryption. You don't have to worry about your neighbors eavesdropping or picking up images of your baby. Likewise, you won't be seeing other people's baby on your monitor.


If you have a large home, reception range is important. With this baby monitor, you can be up to 200 meters away. You can go out into the yard and still get reception. If you are out of range, the monitor will alert you. Complimenting its exceptional range, one mother on Amazon shared how with other baby monitors, some places in her home were "completely off-limit" but that wasn't the case with this motorola digital video baby monitor.


It is no hassle to install. Many parents prefer to wall mount the camera because they get a better view. You can hold it in place with just one screw. You don't have to be tech savvy to set it up. You'll figure out all the buttons in no time.


It is easy to carry around the parent unit. It is compact and lightweight. There's also a kick stand that puts it at a 45 degree angle when you put it down. The only thing missing is a belt clip. The monitor runs on a rechargeable battery when you are mobile. The battery has about a 3.5 hour life. When not moving around, you can keep it plugged in.


This baby monitor allows you to talk back to your child. So if you see them climbing out of the crib, you can sternly tell them to get back in. Your voice comes through clearly. It won't sound garbled if you don't put your mouth too closely to the handset. It's also not too loud. Your child will not be scared by it.


You can remotely pan, tilt and zoom the video camera. Gives you the ability to view a wide area of the room. Really helpful if you have toddlers that could be anywhere in the room. Many parents make special mention of how quietly the camera moves. So important because we don't want to disturb sleeping babies right?

The zoom is up to 2x. The enlarged image is not perfect but it is not too bad. Here is one mother's comment, "Currently if I mount the camera 4 feet away and set it on 2x zoom, I can see her chest moving up and down."


  • The monitor also gives you a temperature reading. That way you know if the room is comfortable for your children. 
  • You can play 5 lullabies to lull your babies to sleep. However, not everyone uses this feature but it is an extra that's nice to have. 
  • Need a baby monitor for two rooms? This model allows you to expand up to 4 cameras. You can choose to scan through all the cameras or manually switch to the camera of your choice. To manually choose a camera, you just need to hit the ok button until you get to the camera you want. With the scan mode, you'll see 12 seconds of each camera. Unfortunately, you won't be able to see all the cameras at once on the screen. You can get the extra camera here: Motorola Additional Camera for Motorola MBP36 Baby Monitor, Brown with White
    Hopefully it is in stock.
  • Sound-activated light. The monitor has 5 LED indicators that light up when baby makes a sound. The louder the sound, the more indicators light up. This is especially helpful in certain circumstances like when the radio or television is turned on or you're doing vacuuming
  • .An alarm which you can set at 2, 4 or 6 hours. You can use this feature to remind you of feeding times.
  • At 25 fps, you are seeing the images in real time. There is no delay. If something happens to baby that need your attention, you can see it and get to your baby fast.


  • Some websites (including Amazon) say this model can expand up to 2 parent units. However, this is not the case. If you check with Motorola tech support, they will tell you that this information is wrong. The cameras only work with one parent unit.
  • You cannot mute the audio.
  • To control the volume, you have to go to the menu first. There is no external knob. Some parents think its a pain. Others think its actually beneficial because then you can't accidentally lower the volume.
  • No back light for the buttons. May cause you to stumble around a bit at night.


Gauging from the many positive feedbacks it has been getting, this is a very good buy. You can CHECK HERE to see how many reviews it has gotten at Amazon plus the current rating. It is also among the best selling baby monitor at Amazon. Obviously, there are a lot of happy users out there.

The price may be a little steep but you're getting lots of functions and the product works. Yes, it works! I believe that is the key why so many parents are recommending it. Many parents share how they've been disappointed by other brands of baby monitor before they finally found this Motorola MBP36 model. They are happy with it because it performs up to expectations. One mother puts it this way "Awesome monitor and well worth the money as now I finally get some sleep and peace of mind at night!!!"

It may not be 100% perfect but the negatives are negligible. You won't find many other digital video baby monitors that perform better than this.

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