Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Junior Golfers

Here are videos of K and Koko D's golf swings. Not bad lah. At the moment, they are still dribbling the ball -- meaning the ball has yet to take flight. That's why we can still play at the little grassy area at the back of our house. I've tried not to give lengthy instructions to them. Trick is to let them enjoy, and not push them too hard. Stop when they don't want to anymore.
One of these days I shall write why my father is a fantastic golf coach.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Meaning of My Children's Names

I have been tagged by Sandra. Yes, I'm trying to catch up on my tags. Have another food tag but can't do that yet as I have no pictures.

Anyway, regarding my children's names, it was decided that DH would choose the English names and me the chinese names, BUT both had to agree upon the name chosen. So, how did this chinese illiterate choose a chinese name? I just chose what sounds I liked and then checked the dictionary to see if they had good meaning. Hahahah.

Well, below are the meanings of their names. With my boys, their English names have no meanings. DH just came up with them out of the blue. As long as people can't make fun of it, sounds decent and nobody has it, it passed the name selection test.

So now I tag:
Big Pumpkin

**Start Copy**
Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid’s name?
Requirements: write about what or how or why you giving the name to your kids.
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
Tag Mode:1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below. 2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

-SQ & Kiki

10 Things I Hate About My Hubby Tag

I was tagged by Karen. I have been putting this tag off as I really do not know what to write. There is very little that I hate about my hubby. You can't even call it hate. It's more like mild irritations. We hardly fight. The screaming bouts are more with the kids. But I take this tag as a sign of friendship and appreciate that Karen even thought of me. So I will reciprocate.

1. His bad moods can be brought on by simple things. You don't know when it's going to hit. I guess you could say it's like London weather -- don't know when it's going to change. But it's effects ripples through the whole house and makes everyone want to run away. BUT the children and I have learned that it's best to leave daddy alone during that time. I know he is under a lot of stress to provide for us and people have their bad days. So, it's okay.

2. His super clean disposition. He cannot wait till the children finish their meal before he picks up the crumbs. He does it while they are still eating. So, unintentionally he creates tension in the kids. Poor kids have to quickly learn as babies that they must eating properly.
I grew up in a household where sweeping and mopping was only done like 2x a week. DH insists it should be done everyday. We've compromised and I do it every other day. I'm not a clean freak but he's instilled in me some good habits. So, it's okay.

3. He forgets we are around. He works from home and sometimes, when he comes out of his office, he will walk pass us without saying anything. There is no sign of acknowledgment. It's like we are invisible.
I know that sometimes he zones out when he's thinking a lot. So I take it upon myself to remind him of our existence, or do something to bring him back to earth. So, it's okay.

4. He doesn't let me indulge in too much junk food, sweet drinks and outside food. He's thinking of my health. So, it's okay.

5. He blames the children's light coloured hair on me being out in the sun playing golf when I was pregnant. There's no logic to that. So, it's okay.

6. He never gives me a 10/10 for my cooking. When I ask him how is the dish, he always gives the passing grade of "okay-lah". This is because he thinks he is a better cook than me. Well... I must admit he is. But my cooking not too bad also what. Anyway, he is willing to do the everyday cooking. So, it's okay.

7. He hardly exercises or play sports. I am the sporty kind but have nobody to play with. Mind you, I mean playing sports, not exercising. So, I have to succumb to playing with my children. But how fun is it playing badminton with your 5 and 3 year old? But I know it's because he is working hard now so he can play later. So, it's okay.

8. He hasn't taken me or the children on a vacation... ever. Travelling has only been confined to 'balik kampung' during Chinese New Year. I know financially it is not feasable to go on a vacation now. But when we strike it rich, I'm insisting we go everywhere. It'll be good for the kids too. Till then, it's okay. I can wait.

9. He can't live without his internet connection. Another reason why we don't go on vacations. But it's his livelihood. So, it's okay (for now, but not forever).

10. He lied to me when I was pregnant. He told me the gynae said NOT to eating durians. But I ate anyway. So, it's okay. Muahahahah.

I'm not going to tag anybody. Reason being I don't want to encourage people to focus on their spouse's negatives. BUT if you need to let off steam, consider yourself tagged. It's okay.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Baby Smile

Baby D is now 4 months old. Unlike his first few months of expressionless face, he can now smile and laugh. If you call him, he will turn to look at you. And if you talk to him, he will give you this smile and turn away in a shy manner.

How do I get things done with 3 kids at home? Well, sometimes I would put Baby D down on a mattress in the living room and ask the other two kiddos to entertain him (see, having more than 1 child is actually beneficial). I notice he has been watching his two siblings rather intently lately. Probably picking up on all the crazy stuff they are doing. Oh no!
He can also play with the baby gym now. Focusing and trying to grab the hanging stuff to put in his mouth.

When he is tired of playing on the mattress, I would plunk him down in the stroller and have him sit and watch me do stuff. Most of the time, instead of watching me do stuff, I put him near the door facing outside. He seems to like this better.
Look at how he sits on the stroller -- with one leg up like a 'tai koh'. So people, meet my boss #3.

Friday, May 18, 2007

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Super Heroes In The Home

Superman, Batman, Spiderman etc... my young kids are very familiar with super heroes. It would seem that one of their growing stage is learning about good vs evil. My son especially, would occasionally dress up as a 'good guy' and go about defeating imaginary villains (even dinosaurs). My girl is also in the loop as she fancies cartoons such as Legend of the Superheroes.

Well, why not take advantage of this eh? I need help at home and in a way, need to be rescued at times. Therefore, I've made my children into my super heroes. These are some things my super heroes do for me:
  • Bring down the dirty laundry
  • Bring down the kettle from the upstairs bathroom so I can boil hot water for baby's bath
  • Hand over a clean diaper
  • Get a towel for me to wrap baby in after he bathes (sometimes I forget)
  • Pick up my ringing handphone which is usually not on the same floor I'm at
  • Bring up the empty laundry basket
  • Find the always lost pacifier
  • Get the always missing handkerchief to wipe baby's drool
  • Throw xxx in the dustbin for me
  • Pat baby back to sleep coz' mommy's out hanging the clothes
  • Turn on the bathroom light for Koko D (he's still not tall enough yet)
So, nowadays, this is how I summon my super heroes:

"I need xxxxx, who will be my super hero?"
After I've been rescued... Thank you super hero (insert name here).
Sometimes I would also sing "Rescue girl/boy, coming to my rescue". The tune is taken from Go, Diego, Go when he opens his rescue pack.

This has really helped me get my kids to do things with a good attitude. Before, when I would ask them to do something, they would complain, moan and groan. Now with the super hero tag, they even fight and race to do the task. Hooray for heroes! Hopefully they won't catch on to mommy's trick.

Working Towards A Happy Family

I was blog hopping the other day and came across one where the child commented her job was to play. I tried to locate it so I could link it here but can't find it. So sorry-ah if it was your blog. Let me know and I will put the link in.

Anyway, reason why I mentioned it is because it gave me a good idea on a 'lesson' for my kids. The idea is that for this family to be happy, everyone has to do their 'job'. Below is a rough outline of how the lesson went:

My Q: What happens if one part of the car doesn't work? Can the car move?
Kids: Nooo.
My Q: If the engine cannot work how?
Kids: Car cannot move
... continue to go through different parts of the car e.g. steering wheel, no petrol, flat tyre, gear spoil
Conclusion: For the car to move, every part needs to be working right?
Kids: Yes.
My Q: So the same with our family. Each of us have a job to do. What is daddy's job?
Kids: Work, earn money, cook lunch and dinner, do the gardening
My Q: What happens if daddy doesn't do his 'job'?
Kids: We have no money, no food to eat
My Q: Good. What is mommy's job?
Kids: Clean baby's butt, sweep and mop the floor, wash our clothes take care of us, wash the dishes, teach us, read email (err... no, that is not part of my job)
My Q: What if mommy don't do her job?
Kids: Nobody bath baby, his butt will have rashes, the house will be dirty, we wear dirty clothes.
My Q: Yes, that's right. Now, what are your jobs?
Kids: Brush our teeth, take our bath, play, ... (after some prompting they continue with) help to study, take care of baby, don't throw things on the floor, be kind, don't fight
My Q: Okay. Important for you have a good spirit right? So what if you don't do your job?
Kids: We become stupid, lots of shouting and hitting

Conclusion: We all need to do our 'job' for this house to be a happy home. Everyone agree?
Kids: YES!

Kids... they have all the answers. Knowledge very good. Application not so good. I have a good feeling there will be repeats to this lesson.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Still Battling Sibling Rivalry

I guess I just have to accept that there will always be fights between K and Koko D. Sometimes, they can't even remember why they fought (roll eyes). The biting has not stopped. We have reminded Koko D over and over again that they are other ways to let out his anger. But I guess it happens so fast and the emotions are so strong that before he can stop himself, the teeth has attacked. Well, K has decided to play him at his game. The last few days she has bitten him back -- and it looks worse than the bite that she got from him. Hers are just teeth marks. His becomes bruises. Aiyoh!

And what about mommy? I've tried all sorts of tips that I've read about. Also it depends on my mood too on how I handle the problem. Sometimes I try to be a nice parent, sometimes I just let the monster mommy loose. Here are some ways I respond - good and bad:
  • Ignore - let them sort it out
  • Don't play judge
  • Let each have a turn to tell their story
  • Put them both in time-out then ask them what is the correct thing to do
  • Throw them both out of the house with the excuse that I will not allow their bad spirit create negative energy in the home environment
  • Scream at both of them - scold, scold, scold
  • Separate the two
  • Have both of them stop talking to each other -- the more they talk, the worse they make the situation
  • Threaten to send them each to a separate grandparent to live with -- you can't live together, DON'T
  • Send them to sleep - blame their crankiness on lack of sleep
  • Show sympathy to the injured party, ignore the other
  • Cane the one that's doing the attacking (yes, unfortunately we sometimes resort to canning but follow up with a heart-to-heart talk later)
And my latest trick - SING

When the fighting starts, I start singing the following church hymns:

I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus and Love At Home

Chorus to I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus:
Love one another as Jesus loves you
Try to show kindness in all that you do
Be gentle and loving in deed and in thought
For these are the things Jesus taught

First four lines to Love At Home:
There is beauty all around
When there's love at home
There is joy in every sound
When there's love at home

How do the kids respond?
"Okay mommy, okay mommy. STOP singing."
Hahahahah. Wah, my singing so bad meh?

Even though we parents would like our children to always be kind and love one another, we have to accept that fights will always exist. But it is a goal to shoot for. However, it will take lots of patience and many, many, many firm reminders.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Ignorant On Malay Customs

Yesterday my family was invited to our neighbour's "Majlis Kesyukuran" (Thanksgiving). I was happy to be invited as I haven't really had a chance to meet the neighbours since moving in last year. My DH is better off than me as he joins the Rukun Tetangga (patrolling the area at night) and has made friends with some of the guys. As for me, I have only talked to my left-right neighbours and even then, the meeting is scarce because they are at work most of the time. Sad to say, I can't even remember their names. Aiyoh, I know... bad of me.
This is a neighbourhood of young families. And as far as I can see, I dare say all of the husband-wife work. So, I hardly see them around, especially the women folk.

Anyway, back to the "majlis". Ooooo... forgot to mention that we were the only chinese (or rather, non-Malay) there. We waited outside in the tent as they did their prayers. Guessed they were finished when I saw people coming out of the house heading towards the buffet. Naturally, I tended to my children, getting them their food. I also took for myself and sat down next to them. With baby on my lap, I started to dig in. DH left to sit elsewhere as some kid had taken his seat. As I was eating, I looked around and felt a bit funny. I wondered... where are the women? I could only see guys and a few children. Anyway, baby started to fuss and so I put my eating on hold.

After a while, I saw my next door neighbour walking towards the buffet. She came to me and apologized for forgetting to invite me into the house. It seems that the women usually wait till the men finish before they start their "chow" time. She wanted to come get me but she didn't dare as there were already too many people around the eating area. Alamak! I felt sooo 'pai seh' (feeling bad and shy).

I'm so used to how we do it at church. The order of things has always been children first, then women, then men. I thought this was universal. Boy, was I wrong. This is what I get for not learning the Malay customs. Of course they are all so nice and I know they won't hold it against me. But still can't help feeling like a lost sheep. And I think my mistake felt worse because I stood out like a sore thumb -- like I mentioned before, we were the only non-Muslim there.

Anyway, I quickly gobbled up my food. Told my DH I was taking baby back home as he was restless. I think that was the one time baby's crankiness came in useful -- gave me the perfect excuse to escape. I just felt like a fish out of water.

So much for my opportunity to get to know my neighbours better. In fact, I would look at the women and wonder if they were my neighbour or not??? I don't even know how some of my neighbours look like. I know what their children look like and I know the children's names. But I don't know what the adults look like. Hahahah. Funny eh?

So, anybody has a quick lesson on Malay customs for this ignorant Malaysian?

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Another Story of an Empty Plate

Finally koko D earns his place on this blog with his empty clean plate. I was complaining a few weeks back how he was giving me a hard time finishing his food and feeding his ownself. Well, he has been really good the last week or so. Not only finished his food, but c-l-e-a-n-e-d the plate. I love clean plates :)
Now, I wonder what did the trick? Was it:
1. My pep talk about how he needs to be an example to his baby brother? That baby might wonder why a koko needs to be fed?
2. The fact that his grandfather has gone back to Penang and therefore, nobody to 'bully'?
3. How his big sister is now doing a fantastic job cleaning her plate and getting lots of praises from me?
4. The fact that he had to sit out on an after-meal goody that one time he didn't finish his food?
5. He loves Mommy and is trying very hard to be an obedient child?
6. Our reminders that he is not growing as he should and so his body needs the food?
7. Our cooking is getting better?
8. Our lesson that our bodies are a gift from Heavenly Father and that we are responsible to care for it?

Hmm... I wonder what did the trick?