Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Working Towards A Happy Family

I was blog hopping the other day and came across one where the child commented her job was to play. I tried to locate it so I could link it here but can't find it. So sorry-ah if it was your blog. Let me know and I will put the link in.

Anyway, reason why I mentioned it is because it gave me a good idea on a 'lesson' for my kids. The idea is that for this family to be happy, everyone has to do their 'job'. Below is a rough outline of how the lesson went:

My Q: What happens if one part of the car doesn't work? Can the car move?
Kids: Nooo.
My Q: If the engine cannot work how?
Kids: Car cannot move
... continue to go through different parts of the car e.g. steering wheel, no petrol, flat tyre, gear spoil
Conclusion: For the car to move, every part needs to be working right?
Kids: Yes.
My Q: So the same with our family. Each of us have a job to do. What is daddy's job?
Kids: Work, earn money, cook lunch and dinner, do the gardening
My Q: What happens if daddy doesn't do his 'job'?
Kids: We have no money, no food to eat
My Q: Good. What is mommy's job?
Kids: Clean baby's butt, sweep and mop the floor, wash our clothes take care of us, wash the dishes, teach us, read email (err... no, that is not part of my job)
My Q: What if mommy don't do her job?
Kids: Nobody bath baby, his butt will have rashes, the house will be dirty, we wear dirty clothes.
My Q: Yes, that's right. Now, what are your jobs?
Kids: Brush our teeth, take our bath, play, ... (after some prompting they continue with) help to study, take care of baby, don't throw things on the floor, be kind, don't fight
My Q: Okay. Important for you have a good spirit right? So what if you don't do your job?
Kids: We become stupid, lots of shouting and hitting

Conclusion: We all need to do our 'job' for this house to be a happy home. Everyone agree?
Kids: YES!

Kids... they have all the answers. Knowledge very good. Application not so good. I have a good feeling there will be repeats to this lesson.


  1. Yeah, If everyone didn't help with cleaning the house, washing the baby clothes, doing the dishes etc. around here, the house would me a huge mess!

  2. I like your tips and tricks - they are so clever. I will try having a chat about this to my little Tee. See if a two and a half year old can do her job! In fact, I am going to draw up a job description for the whole family tonight - hahaha!

  3. Hi Beth,
    Yup. We constantly ask if they like living in a rubbish dump.

    Hi big pumpkin,
    Yes, I realized that we cannot take for granted and assume that everybody knows their job. Its good to actually spell it out once in a while. Good luck with your little one. They know more than we give them credit for.

  4. a&a'smom17 May, 2007 16:23

    It was in MG's blog abt her daughter's job is to play!

  5. Hi a&a's mom,
    You are right. I don't know why I couldn't find it that night.


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