Friday, May 18, 2007

Quality, Measurable Feedback From Your Blog Readers!

Think about this for a second. Most blogs already support a "comment" feature, but what good is that to you?

There's no rating system! How does a rating system help your blog?
Okay, well imagine this:

You're looking for some information on Affiliate Marketing when you come across a blog. The first blog on the page isn't too impressive, and the comments are generally insulting. You scan the rest of the page to see if there's any value to be had, but your opinion's already set from the first thing you saw.

The blogger is clearly not that great. You click away.

Click away?! No, no, no, no, no, NO!

You don't want them to click away! It was just an off day, you were tired, the post you made was weak, it wasn't even really your post, it was a reference to another post...

Whatever the reason, that post was not the norm! But how does the reader of the blog know that unless they've clicked through every single comment and read through them all?

Simple. A review mechanism! Help your readers leave you an objectively measurable account of their opinion of your writing! Attract a stronger audience to your blog by letting public opinion dictate the value of your work!

You can even predetermine the criteria that the rating system is based on, which helps you to improve your writing so that your readers get more out of it!

Not only does it keep your readers coming back, but it's fantastic as a feedback mechanism for you to improve your writing with!

If you're not using RatingDominator, you're missing out... big time!

And, of course, it's freely available :) Just click on the text below.

p.s. I believe this only works for wordpress blogs. If you want to have a look at how it works, I'm using this at my other blog (

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