Saturday, May 19, 2007

Baby Smile

Baby D is now 4 months old. Unlike his first few months of expressionless face, he can now smile and laugh. If you call him, he will turn to look at you. And if you talk to him, he will give you this smile and turn away in a shy manner.

How do I get things done with 3 kids at home? Well, sometimes I would put Baby D down on a mattress in the living room and ask the other two kiddos to entertain him (see, having more than 1 child is actually beneficial). I notice he has been watching his two siblings rather intently lately. Probably picking up on all the crazy stuff they are doing. Oh no!
He can also play with the baby gym now. Focusing and trying to grab the hanging stuff to put in his mouth.

When he is tired of playing on the mattress, I would plunk him down in the stroller and have him sit and watch me do stuff. Most of the time, instead of watching me do stuff, I put him near the door facing outside. He seems to like this better.
Look at how he sits on the stroller -- with one leg up like a 'tai koh'. So people, meet my boss #3.


  1. cute & happy smile :) he's so-o-o chubby

  2. Hi L--isn't it wonderful to see them progress little-by-little? Now, you have other children, so you've been through this before, but it sounds like you haven't lost your amazement.

    Keep that openness in your heart. Thank you for sharing!

  3. cute little guy you've got there!

    great idea to get your older kids to help out. they get to cultivate a deeper sense of responsibility and you get to finish your other chores :D

    i've seen 2 extreme camps and both are causes for worrying:

    1) parents working themselves and the maid to death so long as all their kids are happy albeit not helping in any household chores cos their "job" is just to study and play and excel in both!

    2)parents exploiting older kids, making them give up everything just to help bring up the younger siblings.

    i believe parents like you are finally striking a balance between the 2. good for u!

  4. he is one chubby lil baby! and love that smile!

  5. Hweesan:
    Yes, he's so-o-o chubby. Nice to pinch.

    The new parent:
    I have a lousy memory. That's why each new baby is like a new experience - in certain ways. Plus, each baby is different.

    cairo's mommy:
    Yes, you are right. Must have balance between the two.

    Waiting for Aidan's cheeky smile too.

  6. eeee so geram to see such a chubby baby.... can I pinch him? ;)

  7. He's got this very cheeky look as if he's winking. Hehe.

  8. a&a'smom23 May, 2007 20:57

    Hehehe, he is getting cuter by the day!


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