Saturday, May 26, 2007

My Junior Golfers

Here are videos of K and Koko D's golf swings. Not bad lah. At the moment, they are still dribbling the ball -- meaning the ball has yet to take flight. That's why we can still play at the little grassy area at the back of our house. I've tried not to give lengthy instructions to them. Trick is to let them enjoy, and not push them too hard. Stop when they don't want to anymore.
One of these days I shall write why my father is a fantastic golf coach.


  1. Hi..very, very cute! I agree, don't push to hard and let them want to do it again.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. on one hand, it'll be such a waste for you not to pass on your skills n insights. on the other, you gotta be careful not to scare them off the game forever...

    toughie! good luck, mommy slash coach :D

  3. Hi, Karina did so well...bravo... Koko D also give a good try...keep it up! Well...looks like tiger & tigress wood in the making
    P/s - how about considering coaching part-time?

  4. the new parent:
    Yes, sometimes I do the mistake of pushing my kids too hard.

    cairo's mommy:
    Always two sides of the coin yah?

    part time coaching -- yes, will probably do this when the kids are older.

  5. wah, kong kong so clever wan

    no wonder u soo good in golf la...ya train them when they young, who knows what they can become next time.

  6. it is good to introduce now because you will never know maybe he has interest and talent like you tooo...


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