Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Getting Baby To Walk Early

Just 2 weeks ago he was barely walking. Now look at him go. Such a steady fella at 10 months old.

All my 3 children started walking early. My eldest girl started walking about 9 months. KokoD started walking around 10 1/2 months. This baby started about 9 1/2 months.

I read somewhere that babies that are carried a lot, like in a sling, tend to start walking early. It seems when you carry baby around in a sling, it helps to develop their sense of balance (or something like that). Sorry, can't seem to find that particular reference.

Well, I carried my babies A LOT. BabyD is the only one whose butt got to sit in a stroller. And that was only around the house coz' he liked to see me as I did my housework. For example, I would be hanging out the clothes and he would be sitting in the stroller enjoying the fresh air. But compared to stroller time, he got more sling time. I never took the stroller when we left the house to go out.

Anyway, just wondering if sling babies really do start walking early. Any other sling babies out there?


  1. huh carrying can cause the baby to walk earlier?? this is the 1st time i hear this. thought its the other way round?? *puzzled*
    i dun use sling on my babies ... they were to heavy especially darien when he was younger ... i'm a worried mommy that's afraid the sling will break while he's in it. paranoid! :P

  2. Never heard of that theory. I have 3 kids. First 2 go without a sling and my 3rd was carried with a sling. She's the fastest in walking. I'm not sure whether it's due to the sling or not. Only heard that babies in walkers walk later than babies without walkers.

  3. Bravo BabyD. My girl only start to walk at 14 mths.

  4. wow.. they all walk so early.. like the others, I was advised not to carry baby too much as it will deter them from being independent. looks like you prove them wrong..

    oh, got a wish for you on my blog, pop over lah when you free :-)

  5. hmm... I really got to try the sling for my no.2... most ppl said the bb will bome lazy to walk if carry too much??
    BTW, Karina & KokoD also babies in the sling? Which type of sling u used? Pouch or ring?

  6. my granny used to say, kids walk later more "hor miah"(Better life). But qiqi walk on the day as she turns 1, haha...

  7. Same like Chinnee, Jayden walked on his birthday.

  8. I slinged and carried my first born alot because she was a high need baby. But she started walking only after she turned 13mths. So, i don't really believe that there is a connection between slinging and walking early. :)

  9. a&a'smom06 November, 2007 22:30

    Wow, he is really staedy walkinglah at so young!

  10. really very fast la.. brovo to ur lil boy here.

    btw, A Happy Blogging Wish/tag for u at my blog.. hv fun .

  11. my girl just start walking too. However, I still not yet video taping her walks. :)

    Your boy is so macho. My girl is very tiny type. Anyway, you've got tag. it's here.

  12. Twin:
    I was surprised to read about it too. But I think carrying vs. stroller, carrying may have more benefits for the baby.
    Since you didn't use sling, your arms must have ached like crazy.

    Maybe it is due to the sling.

    Did you use the sling or not?

    Actually, carrying baby will give them the security they need. This security will help build confidence and confidence will lead to independance, don't you think?

    Once my children can walk, I cut down on the carrying. Only carried them a lot when they weren't mobile.
    Yes, Karina and KokoD also sling babies. With them I used a pouch. But with babyD I managed to get the sarong kind.

    mummy to qiqi:
    Of course "hor miah" coz' got people to carry them mah. Hahahah.

    Sling or no sling?

    Well, there goes the theory. Hahaha.

    Yeah, real steady fella. Like a big teady bear too.

    anggie's journel:

    Hey, get taping now. This cute phase pass very quickly.
    I think someone else tagged me on this. Haven't done it yet. Aiyoh, I bet get on the ball.

  13. Ai lian waaah your children walked so early!
    Maya just started to walk properly 2 weeks ago at 14 mths , kekekke....

  14. Wow! All your 3 kids walk at a very tender months. Must ask my sis to buy a sling then. Errr... how to stop a 2 y/o to stop walking ah?

  15. Sandra:
    They are really cute when learning to walk. The expression on their face is priceless.

    Walking still okay. I want to know how to stop them from running and climbing???? Unfortunately their engine don't come with brakes. Once started, cannot stop. Hahahah.

  16. Wow! your youngest is so big now!! A big baby, is he? :)

  17. I just wanted to point out that babies who crawl for about 4 months before walking, (babies who crawl at all, for that matter) have a much better foundation for sensory integration. I would not rush walking. Just my .02

  18. My 16 month old is still not walking!!! And she was carried in a sling and held all the time! Guess we'll just wait. Doc wants her to start therapy asap. :(

  19. Anonymous:
    What kind of therapy?


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