Friday, November 09, 2007

Pre-Potty Training

You know how some mothers claim they managed to potty train their children since x-months old? I can never agree that you can potty train a 'baby'. A toddler yes, but not a baby. To me, a child is potty/toilet trained when they can:

1. Go to the potty themselves (Yes, that means walking to the potty and plopping themselves on it).
2. Pulling down their own pants (Well... sometimes they need help).
3. Going poo or pee in the potty.

HOWEVER, I do believe you can PRE-POTTY train a baby. My definition of pre-potty training includes:

1. Getting babies to poo at around the same time everyday.
2. Baby poos or pees when you hold them over the potty.

The reason why I am writing about pre-potty training is because I managed to get babyD to poo into the toilet bowl. For the past few weeks, I would try to catch him doing his "big business." You know how they always put on a "poo-poo" face when trying to do it? Yea, so whenever he gives that signal, I rush him to the toilet. AND amazingly, he would poo into the toilet (if he hadn't already finished doing it into his diaper).

My main motivation for doing this is not so I can potty train him early. Actually, I do this because I am lazy to wash his dirty diapers (I'm using the modern cloth diapers - BumGenius to be exact).

Anyway, back to the pre-potty story. I've read and heard stories about how children have problem sitting on the potty or toilet bowl when it comes time to potty train. They resist and seem to have an aversion towards it. I wondered how come babyD didn't have a problem sitting on the toilet? Then it occurred to me, that maybe, it was because I had often put him on the toilet bowl to wash poo off his butt. So now, he has learned to associate poo-toilet bowl.

Anyway, only a mother feels excited talking about poo in the toilet bowl :) Well, just thought I'd share this little pre-potty trick with you.

Don't wait until you want to potty train before getting your child to sit on the potty/toilet. When baby have learned how to sit, you can start putting baby on the toilet (with the help of those child toilet-aid thingys). Do it when you want to clean his bottom. Hopefully baby will soon associated poo - toilet and you will have a hassle free time when actually potty training later.

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  1. Cannot agree more with you. Both my gals were pre-potty trained to poo poo from infant. When we saw them straining and making the 'i want to poo' face, we would quickly put them on the potty. Both my gals knew how to tell me that they need to do their poopie biz by the time they reached 2 yo.

  2. Totally agree with you on this. Nikita was pre-potty trained to poo since 3mths old and now I'm training Niklas in this area too. :)

  3. Agreed that to potty train a kid, I think they should able to walk stable and sit on the potty themselves. On and off we managed to get Chloe poo in potty after her meal. But last 2 days she sat on potty but no business for 20mins time. Once she leaves the potty she starts to pee on the floor. Sigh….. I wonder why…. Potty train just needs a lot of effort & patient!!

  4. I remember that type of face. Good tip.

    Please claim you award in my blog. Go hunt for it, Lian.

  5. We have just reached the diaper free status here. I first started introducing her to the idea, and the potty itself, around a year and a half. She first went on the potty a couple months after her second birthday. We have now been a diaper free house for over two weeks. She is doing great. She now goes to the restroom, uses the potty, wipes, washes and everything all by herself. (however, if its a poo potty break then I hear from the other room, "mommy wipe my butt!!")
    None the less, I am thrilled we are taking to it all so nicely. She hasn't had an accident but once since we stopped using the diapers!!
    YAY Lil'T
    much respect~d

  6. Lian..I want tips to train for night time....

  7. Hi Lian, I agreed with what you said about the pre-potty the baby and NOT potty trained the baby. Well thoughts and said!

  8. health freak mommy:
    Well done mommy! You must have been very diligent.

    Wow, 3 months old? Another hard working mommy.

    Maybe she likes to see you do mopping? Who knows why they do these things sometimes. Just hang in there mommy.

    Thanks for the award.

    gulf coast mommy:
    Congratulations on your freedom! It's every mother's goal. I totally know the "wipe my butt" yell. So familiar.

    okay, will think about this and share some tips soon.

    Yes, musn't confuse the two.


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