Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Many Uses Of A Kitchen Timer

A kitchen timer is a very useful gadget when it comes to parenting. I have found that it can do more than just help remind me not to burn the cake. Here are some other handy use for a kitchen timer:
1. For parents that have started on potty training.
Use the timer to remind the child when it is time to go potty. You can set it to 45 minutes - 1 hour. Tell your child every time it rings, it is calling him/her to go potty.

2. For slow eaters.
Use the timer to specify how long it should take for them to finish the meal. Of course, be realistic on the time and then add a few more extra minutes so they don't choke down their food. You can offer a reward if the food is finished within the specified time. No punishment if they didn't. I find that it helped my children concentrate on their eating. You know how some children are? As they are eating, they minds are wondering somewhere else or they are still in 'play' mode. So they either keep the food in the mouth for long periods or are busy playing / yakking they are not putting food in their mouth. With the timer in front of them, it keeps them focus at the task at hand.

3. For those who take an eternity to bath.
Use the timer to tell them when they need to be out of the bathroom (preferably already bathed PROPERLY).

4. For those who are learning to share.
Use the timer to help them take turns. When the timer rings, they need to give the other person a turn.

If you think of other ways to use the kitchen timer, let me know.


  1. hmm never thought of that but it's a good idea..

  2. I like no.2. I'm going to do that for my children!!!

    As for no. 3, I always have to nagged at Daddy cos he takes about 30minutes in the bathroom. I even joke that I'm going to invent a timer and when the time is up, the door will automatically open by itself! hahaha.

    To add on your list, no. 5 would be "required time to sit on your study table". lol

  3. Mom2ashley:
    Yes, it's is a very handy tool.

    Apart from door automatically open, how about adding water supply cut off and toilet has ejectable seat?
    Yes, yes, I agree with your No.5.


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