Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mommy's Time Out

When we have kids, our world automatically starts revolving around them. And for us SAHM (stay-at-home-moms), this usually resuts in 'comfortable', 'convenient', 'easy', and 'practical' dressing. This can get quite boring and don't you agree that sometimes, it's nice to look nice.

Well, take a time out mommies. And daddies, pay attention! (Hint, hint) I found a Malaysian online jewelry store and for now, they are having a CLEARANCE SALE FROM 10%-50%. They have earrings, bracelets, brooch, necklaces, pendants, hair accessories etc.... You know, all the girly-girly stuff.

Go take a look. If not now, maybe some other time. I am putting their banner on this blog. Ladies, treat yourself to something nice. If not, hint for DH to do so. Just choose what you want and let him hit the pay button. Hahahah. Also a good option if you need to find a gift for someone. Little girls love these stuff too. I know coz' I have a little girl myself.

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  1. Yes, ever since becoming a mum it has totally changed me, everything is for my kids! today, i fought through the jam and crowd just to take my children to the smart kids fair at PWTC. when i arrived i saw a huge crowd gathering just near the pan pacific ballroom - basically they were watching the bomba and some sort of bio-hazard activity happening around the area. i seriousily thought there was something serious happening.... until i saw a super hero mascot appearing! Ha ha! it was all just a promotion stunt!
    check out the photos i took and sent to my friends!


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