Friday, April 20, 2007

Chubby Cheeks

This is my little chubby cheeks at 3 months old.

Danic went for his immunization jab today. We went to the Klinik Desa here at Puncak Alam and it was FREE. How nice. They weighed him at 8kg and pronounced him obese. Hahaha. Oh no, I have an obese baby. And all he has is breastmilk. Furthermore, he hasn't been feeding as much as before. Sometimes, he would go till 4-5 hours without a feed and still not make a fuss. I think the nurses didn't know what to advice me. They couldn't tell me to cut down on formula milk – coz' I'm not using formula milk. He has already cut down on the feeding. The only thing they could say was “don't give him solids until he is 6 months old.” Yes ma'am (tabik).

This is poor Danic knocked out. He had a slight fever and was quite cranky. Understandable. Gave him some medicine and that helped. Look at his chubby legs. So nice to squeeze.

A few weeks back, I tried to train Danic to fall asleep without being rocked. I would put him on the mattress and pat him. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Danic would wail and wail. His face will be all red, fists clenched, stomach tightened and kicking liking crazy. The other mothers have said to let him cry it out, but not more than 10-15 minutes. So that is what I did. The result? I think I gave him colic. Either that or he became even more insecure. He would cry and refused to be consoled. Give him the breast to suck – NO. Give him the pacifier – NO. Rock him in the arms – NO. Put him in the sarong – NO. Oh, it was very exasperating. Anyway, Daddy chided Mommy a bit and teasingly said, “what have I done to the baby?”

So, what happened next? Mommy decided to totally ditch the idea of training baby to sleep by himself. Now we are back to holding him and rocking. Putting baby in the sling seems to work very well. It calms him down quite fast.

Lesson to be learned:
1. Do what is best for baby and not for yourself. Convenience is not always good parenting.
2. Don't listen too much to other people. All babies are different, all mothers are different. This makes for countless types of mother-baby combination. Do what your heart says is right.

So, for my babies, attachment parenting and baby wearing seems to be the answer.

Baby milestones:
  • Baby likes to be talked to and will talk back. So cute to see him having a conversation.
  • He can laugh (with sound). He likes being nuzzled at the neck. I think it tickles him.
  • Have no desire to turn yet. He has tried and can sort of do it. But I think his butt is heavy. Hahaha.
  • Can sleep through most of the night. Wakes up probably only once.



  1. Hi--first timer to your blog and am enjoying reading your thoughts.

    When my 3 1/2 y.o. was a baby, many parents suggested I let her cry. I learned what you mention--"Do what is best for baby and not for yourself. Convenience is not always good parenting."

    Letting her cry should always depend on why she is crying. Since they have different cries, it is difficult to generalize.

    Sometimes the cry is for hunger, sometimes for being tired, sometimes for holding. How to deal with crying should be based on why the child is crying.

    Interesting post. Thank you for sharing.

  2. eh how come the immunization jab is free?

  3. Maybe you could check out the colic products at the colic shop

  4. hhahaha...choi...cannot say obese la...he's only chubby!!(wanna pinch those cheeks...constraining self) later when he start moving, crawling, walking...all those baby fats will be gone.

  5. That is so true. Every baby is different and every mother is different.....

    I can relate. I used to listen to other moms say do this do that, stay strong, bla bla...but in the end, I am the one who suffers even more when I am the one who is supposed to be convenienced :-P

    People don't believe me when I tell them what my daughter does, then one day I show them and kaboom! They say wow...she is not like our kids. We didnt expect it.Grrr...

  6. Hey, that is one cute baby.

    And as for the new six month rule ....With my first baby the rule was four months, with my second it became six months - well, they were both obviously ready at four months, and so they were both started on baby rice at that age and they both thrived.

    Sod the rules, mama knows best.

  7. a&a'smom22 April, 2007 22:24

    Aiyoh, feel like pinching those chubby cheeks! Yeah, that's breastmilk. My Abilash was also a super chubby bb as I breastfed him fully for 2.5 yrs(intro solids at 6 mths). His pead also puzzle how come on BM can b so chubby & DH accused me of overfeeding. LOL, how can overfeed when he feeds direct! Dont worry once they start walking all the bb fat will melt & you'll hve a healthy lean bb.

  8. Hi Lian, yes you are right. Different baby reacts differently. And I used to rock and carried my girl to sleep till she's around 7-8mo, then put her to bouncy chair, rock and sing till she fell asleep, then transfer her back to her cot. And finally when she was around 1yo, she slept on her own with me sitting beside her. So don't stress youreslf out... go with your heart and your bb's flow...

    rest well. thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks everyone for your support on this. And welcome to those visiting for the first time. Thanks for the comments and hope to see you back here.

    It's a government clinic. I thought still needed to pay but apparently not. Not sure if it's the same for all government clinics. The klinik desa caters only for residents of that area.

    Mommy of two angels, a&a's mom:
    Yes I agree that the baby fats will one day be gone. That's what happen to my other two. That's why must pinch when still can. Hahahah.

  10. Hi lian, thanks for dropping by my blog, I also got the free jabs for Dillon at government clinic & I'm satisfied with their service.

    Haih I also miss those "fat" thighs of my son, now no more loh. Will wait to pinch the next baby, hehehe.


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