Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Among my 3 babies, baby D is the one born with the least hair. He actually looks like a balding baby. Hahaha. The other two had a headful of hair. Anyway, he got his first haircut the other day. The barber was none other than his ever-ready-with-the-clipper dad. It was a very calm experience: no screaming or squirming. The result? My cutie pie look-like-a-monk baby!
By the way, this happens to be our LIM family's hairdo for the boys. From grandfather, to father, to grandsons... they all don the same hairstyle. It all started the day my DH bought himself a clipper and decided trips to the barber shop was over.

So, baby D... you have been officially initiated into the Puncak Alam Lim clan. Don't you think his face looks rounder now?

Tips for haircutting:
1. Invest in a good clipper. Can ask your barber to recommend one. The one we use an Edison cordless clipper. There is one for sale here: EDISON Professional Complete Rechargeable Clipper/Trimmer Set. My DH is happy with it.

2. Make sure your baby is in a good mood when you decide to cut.

3. Sometimes, it is mommy who has to be coaxed into the hair cutting. Baby's first hair is so soft, fine and nice. I always feel heavy hearted to cut it. But with my kids, their baby hair was kinda crazy as it would stand up when long. I mean, look at Big D when he was a baby.

That hair just wouldn't stay down. I was reluctant to cut his hair but he looked soooo much better after cutting. YOU JUST NEED TO HAVE SOME FAITH and LEARN TO LET GO.

4. The army style of cutting is the easiest. It's also fast and that works for squirmy kids.


  1. wah cut until ehh almost botak ...wah if me sure heart ache lor...but baby sure like la...light headed and not hot anymore...hehehe

  2. I also berat hati to shave my son bald on his full moon coz he was born with full head of dark hair. Hope my next baby also like that loh, hehe.. :)

  3. I never have the heart to botakin my kids! Even now Maya 8 months old I dont want to shave her. She has less hair comparing to her sis Indiana when she was a baby. Indy had lots of hair!

  4. btw Lian, baby D is soo cute! I love the expression on his face. Like: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME MAMMA! LOL
    lil' cutie!

  5. Whenever I read your blog and see Danic's chubby thighs, I feel so geram. Yeeee..... feel like squeezing them and pinching his cheeks. I am quite obssessed with babies' 'lin ngau' thighs you know... :)

  6. Mommy of two angels, Karenyiau:
    I too always have to think one thousand times first before I let my DH cut their hair that short. But in the end, they always look better after the cut.

    Girls are different. I didn't let anyone cut my girls hair either. But boys are a different story.

    Health freak mommy:
    That makes two of us.


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