Monday, April 16, 2007

Malaysian Options For Withdrawing Funds From Paypal

I was browsing around the other day and came across an ebook that offers solutions for Malaysians wanting to withdraw funds from their paypal account. It is known as "MalaysiaPal: PayPal Alternative in Malaysia". I was very excited, as you know Malaysians have no way of getting funds out of paypal. The ebook only costs RM10 (USD3) and gave you rights to resell it at RM10, meaning you can get back your money and maybe earn some more. I was so excited that I emailed some friends I thought could benefit from the information.

After reading the ebook, I wondered if the advice given is valid. The ebook highlights 3 ways. Anyway, I decided to do a little bit more digging just to be sure I won't get anyone in trouble for recommending the ebook. Well, bad news. My joy was short lived.

Over at the ebay forum discussion, there is mention of people getting into trouble with one of the methods proposed by MalaysiaPal. You can read it for yourself:

ebay forum discussion 1
ebay forum discussion 2

Seeing that is the case, I have decided to NOT resell this ebook. The other two methods mentioned in the book can still be used but you can find this information for FREE. Why buy free information! Therefore, I shall forego my chance to resell this ebook. I'd rather lose out on my RM10 then to recommend to my fellow parents (and nonparents) a product that is not worth the money.
I would like to extend my apologies to those that I had sent a recommendation email on this ebook. I should have checked it out more thoroughly first.

Also, there is another ebook just launched titled
How To Withdraw Money From PayPal in Malaysia. This ebook is FREE. But it also mentions MalaysiaPal.

Actually, if you want to learn about ways to withdraw money from your paypal, this ebay forum discussion is a good resource. Many people sharing their experiences - good and bad. Only thing is it starts from the year 2005. So, there is many, many posts to sit through.

Anyway, I just wanted to sound out this warning about MalaysiaPal so others don't get duped like me. There are other websites promoting it. So, here's the warning:

WARNING: If you see the MalaysiaPal ebook, don't get too excited. One of the methods has gotten people into trouble - funds getting stuck, accounts suspended. The information can be found free.


  1. I read about MalaysiaPal last year and decided to just leave the money there. Good thing is when I was in US last month, I withdraw the money out and spent it in US. I did not loose any commission this way. So, if you do not urgently require the money, just leave them in the account or spent them in eBay.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation to my free "step by Step" ebook in this blog.

    The reason why i put the second option (MalaysiaPal) to use for withdrawal of funds to malaysia in my free ebook is that his method was proven before. I have no earnings in his MalaysianPal. I just only wanted him to share my free ebook with everyone, hence the link on my free ebook.

    If his "two methods" are not helping, please do mail me and explain to me why and I might take the link out from my free ebook. Sorry as I do not have time to read the ebay links that you have posted. I wish i can but hopefully, you can summarize and tell me via mail.

    BTW, nice blog you have and hopefully we can meet sometime and discuss IM.


    Matt Ng

  3. Hi Hijackqueen,
    How did you withdraw the money out in US?

    Hi Matt,
    You are wonderful to share such needed information for free. I will email you. BTW, my husband is my IM sifu :) I'm just learning bits here and there to add to my bag of skills.

  4. Lian,

    Thanks for the compliment. Err...I'm no internet "guru". I'm just an average guy that has a little bit more "experience" and some knowledge to share with others like me.

    I hope that my sharing helped you and parents that comes to your blog on the quest to financial freedom.

    Keep up the great work!



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