Thursday, November 27, 2008

Baby Colic and Acid Reflux


When I was pregnant for the first time, I read anything and everything about babies. I wanted to be ready. I believe most first time mothers have the same feelings. We want to know what's coming and what's the best way to overcome possible problems. Of course, you hope there won't be any problems. But when they do happen, you want to at least be able to identify it.

So, for all new mothers and mothers-to-be out there, here are 2 baby problems you should be aware of:
It is normal for baby to cry. That's the only way they know how to express themselves. But how do you know when the crying is something to be worried about? You can suspect colic when a baby cries for 3 hours of more per day, at least three times per week, within a three month period. Pediatrics call this the "Rule of Threes." Besides inconsolable crying, babies will draw their legs up and clench their fists. Touch their stomach and it will feel stiff and hard. Baby will flail arms and legs and appear fidgety and restless. I hate to say it but be ready for sleepless nights.

There are certain remedies you can try:
  • Swaddling - Gives the baby a sense of warmth and security
  • Baby wearing - Baby is comforted by your closeness and also the motions of being in a sling.
  • Rhythmic rocking - You can also put baby face down on your lap and gently sway your knees. This may help baby get rid of wind or gas in the tummy.
  • Baby massage - Can help the release of gas and trigger bowel movement.
  • Diet check - If you are breastfeeding, check to see if the food you consume such as onions, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, spicy food, dairy, chocolate, caffeine, and citrus fruits is the one causing baby to react negatively. Also make sure baby is latched on properly.
  • Gripe water - It's considered a homeopathic therapy, meaning it uses natural ingredients.
Colic can drive a parent crazy. After trying all the methods and failing to find a remedy, do not succumb to feelings of a useless parent. Sometimes, the only thing you can do is wait for it to end. This usually takes place when baby is about three months old. To keep your sanity, don't hesitate in using earplugs. It will help keep you calm amidst the wailing. I'm not saying ignore the baby, but ignore the crying so you can help baby in a calm manner. Also, don't feel guilty in taking a break from baby. It's okay to let someone else take over while you rejuvenate. If you get thoughts of harming your baby, walk away. Let baby cry a little while you regain your composure.
It's also known as Gastro Esophageal Reflux or GER. We're talking about babies regurgitating or spitting up after a feed. It's also irritable and painful causing them to cry often. You may think it's colic. GER is nothing to worry about and will usually get less when baby is 6-12 months old. However, you should worry if the reflux is accompanied by baby not gaining weight or not thriving. Also look out for other symptoms such as feeding and oral aversions, esophagitis (inflammation, irritation, or swelling of the esophagus), wheezing, swallowing problems, choking, gagging, asthma, pneumonia, chronic sinusitis, etc.... It could be Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) which requires medical intervention.

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether baby's crying is because of colic or reflux. Just remember, colic babies will pull up their legs. If it's reflux, babies will arch their backs to decrease their pain. Crying is also usually during or after feedings.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wickless Scented Candles

Do you like aromatherapy? You know, things like scented oils, incense and scented candles? I love it, and my kids love them too. My favorite is the lavendar scent. I also have one scent to help with migraine. I usually use a burner; put the scented oil on top and a tea-light candle at the bottom.

Well, it seems there is another way to fill our house with wonderful fragrances without having to burn anything. It's by Scentsy and their way is wickless candles. What does that mean? Well, no smoke for one thing. Another thing would be how much safer it is. Yeah, I do get a little jittery when I have to light a candle, even if it's a little one. My kids get a little too excited when there are candles around. I'm always worried "something" might happen. Well, you know how little kids are.

So how does it work? The wickless candle bar is called a Scentsy Bar. What you do is warm it with a warmer rather than using heat from a candle. And the warmers come in beautiful designs too which make nice decor for your home. Here's what November's warmer of the month looks like:

With Christmas coming up fast, you could consider this as an ideal Christmas gift for friends or family. You have over 80 yummy fragrances to choose from. As for me, the cinnamon cider which is this month's fragrance sounds like a wonderful scent to have in the home. Go see what's your favorite.

Keeping Kids Busy During School Holidays

I've been so busy working on the kid's Christmas Gifts shop, I didn't realize I haven't made a post here for this week. I just completed two Christmas shopping lists: Great Christmas Gifts Ideas for Kids and Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her. Do check them out coz' I know it'll save you time from browsing around for Christmas gifts.

As for my kids, they are going a little nutsy. It's the year-end school holidays and they've too much energy to burn. I'm sure there are a lot of other nutsy children out there too driving their parents up the wall :) So, what to do, what to do?

Here's a quick list:
  • Get them to help you in the kitchen. I get my daughter to wash the plates, bowl and utensils as I cook. Both she and kokoD are ever ready to help me stir (what we chinese say "la-la" or "chow") the food that's cooking in the wok. I'm also getting K to help me cut vegetables. Don't freak out! I give her a small knife to use, not a big butcher knife. Not only do these activities help keep them busy but it's also educational:
    • K is learning different ways to cut vegetable e.g. straight, slanting, what size.
    • The most efficient way to wash dishes so you don't waste water.
    • How long to stir the garlic before adding in the vegetables into the wok.
    • K can fry eggs and cook instant noodles by herself. Yay! My children won't starve when I'm not around. She's learned how to turn on and off the gas, how much oil to use for frying the eggs, how much water to use for boiling the noodles, how to scoop the noodles out and add the packet ingredients.
    • The two kids know how to prepare their own milk and hot chocolate drinks in the morning.
  • Give them board games to play
  • Teach them some card games too e.g. fishing, memory games, uno.
  • Let them play bubbles. This will keep them occupied for at least 1/2 hour.
  • Computer games. In this day and age, can we help it? But of course make sure you set time limits for them. Interestingly, my two kiddos like playing computer chess. They also play strategic war games. That one I have my DH to thank.
  • Go to the movies. If they are watching CDs or DVDs at home, limit to 1-2 a day.
  • Outside play time. Go to the park or play badminton in front of your gate.
  • Art and craft - Christmas is coming, so here are some free Christmas coloring pages for you to download. If not just give your kids colorful paper, crayons, different colored markers, stickers, ink pad and stamps, glu, scissors, color pencils etc.... and let them create. Getting a children's art and craft book or magazine will help. Even better, get easy craft ideas with FUN KIDS CRAFT. You’ll have over 700 crafts with illustrations and templates at your fingertips. Great for kids 3 years and up! Over 370 PAGES of fun crafts with step-by-step instructions. It’s a no-brainer.
  • Talking about Christmas, get the Christmas tree out and let them decorate it. Of course, this is only applicable to people who are celebrating Christmas.
  • Music time. Put on some music and shake your bootie. Or, learn to play an instrument like the piano, guitar, violin etc....
  • Toys that allow them to create like lego, blocks, playdoh.
  • Workbooks. No, this is not being "kiasu". It's just letting your child know they have to keep in touch with some studying so their brain don't rot. Hahaha. Of course we are talking about light and fun work here. Don't pile the workbooks on them and stress them out, okay? If you have a preschooler, read my review on these preschool printable worksheets. If not, just go straight to the JUMBOWORKBOOKS page.
  • Baking! You can cheat, like me and use something out of a box. I needed to do something that didn't take a lot of time, that's why I cheated.

    Mixing the batter.
    (Sorry, I don't have one of those high-tech, super duper cameras. Hence the blur picture).

    Adding sprinkles. It's a must with these kids.

    Cutting the cake. They couldn't wait for it to cool down. Every few minutes I'd hear "Mommy, can we eat now!"

    Easy peasy baking. Don't have to sign up for RM80 baking workshops where you have to drive them there, wait for them, then drive them back. Don't waste your time unless you have time to waste.

    Well, hope these ideas help you survive the school holidays.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Help Make Christmas Memorable For My Children

ChristmasImage via WikipediaA few days ago I mentioned how I am encouraging my children to earn their own Christmas shopping money. Well, I had them make a list of people they would like to give Christmas gifts to, and lets just say they are grateful for MANY wonderful people in their lives. After totaling up the amount of money they would need, I don't think mama's pocket is sufficient. Hahaha. So I figured they should join the family business -- affiliate marketing.

We've set up an online Christmas Gift Shop and hope you can help us by doing your shopping there. Please refer it to your friends. Consider it your bit of charity this holiday season. It'll benefit us both: you get "happy Christmas gifts" (yup, my children call it that) and a small part of your purchase becomes pocket money for them to make others happy too.

Like I said in my other post, my children have been told that all money they collect is strictly to get gifts for others; none of it will be for personal gain.

So go there now and tell me what you think? If you think there's a certain Christmas gift that I need to add to the shop, let me know.
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Great Bargain on Food, Family and Parenting Ebooks

As moms, we have to deal with lots of stress and problems. For example, the holidays are coming up and we have to busy ourselves with making necessary preparations. We have to crack our heads thinking what to cook everyday. Not only that, we have to make sure it's nutritious and healthy for our family. It feels like we have a million and one things to do and not enough time to do it. Then there are growing up problems we have to deal with such as bedwetting, tantrums, teething, sibling rivalry, etc.... Let's not forget that we also worry about money.

Well, here are some resources to make life a little easier for all moms. Over at Mom's Talk Ebooks they are generously offering a buy ONE get ALL deal. One low price will give instant access to the family, food and parenting resource ebooks PLUS any new ebooks that get released. Let me make it clearer:

One low price of USD9 = Life time access to Moms Talk Ebooks
Buy today and you will get the following and whatever future releases:
  1. Stress Free Holiday Entertaining - planning ahead and keeping things simple to help you enjoy this holiday season more than ever.
  2. Freezing it & Loving it! - Make ahead meals made easy.
  3. Guide to Organizing Your Life and Finding More Time - Tips on organizing for more time
  4. Guide to Stopping Your Child's Bedwetting
  5. Guide To Raising Healthy and Fit Kids - Discover how to get kids to eat healthy and stay active
  6. Guide To A Stress Free Easter Holiday - A guide to help you plan, prepare and serve up a delicious Easter brunch or dinner and a day full of positive memories.
  7. Guide To Family Budgeting - Stop living paycheck to paycheck and plan your family's first successful, forward-moving household budget.
What are you waiting for? This is a great bargain you don't want to miss out. Click below and get instant access to these "gold nuggets".

Mom's Talk Ebooks

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Giving Children A Chance To Give Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts.Image via WikipediaSo far, my children have only been recipients of Christmas presents. This year, I'm giving them the chance to be "givers" instead of just being "receivers." They are older now and can help around the house. I told them that I"ll pay them to do certain chores. It's only for this Christmas season though and the money collected must be used to buy presents for others, NOT for themselves :)

K is stoked on the idea and she is a bargainer too. When I said I'll give her 50 cents to clear the dinner table, she asked for 70 cents. When I said I'll give her $1.50 to wash the dishes, she asked for $2. She's a sly one too. There are usually more dishes to wash during dinner time compared to lunch. So I offered $2 for washing dinner plates and $1 for washing lunch plates. Quickly she turns to her brother and says, you wash up after lunch and I'll wash up after dinner. Lucky the brother is not easily conned, he said "no". Hahaha.

Other chores are like hanging the clothes, bringing in the dry clothes, taking it upstairs and putting it away, washing the car, babysitting, and whatever other help I need from them. To date K has earned $5.80 and kokoD has $4. Hope I don't go broke at the end of this project.

I think they are quite excited about the prospect of buying Christmas presents for others. Heard them talking the other day about what to buy for me, their dad and their grandfather. K was saying to me "you cannot wrap it coz' then you'll know what it is. I know how to wrap so you buy the Christmas wrapper and I'll wrap it." I hope they use their money wisely.

I think I need to guide them further on how to choose Christmas presents. Maybe break it down into categories for them e.g. clothes, food, jewelry and accessories, books. Maybe even simpler: things you can wear, eat or use. Must make it clear we don't need TOYS! Hahahah.

Christmas morning will be interesting. Can't wait to see what sort of presents they will buy.
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Get Your Children Thinking

Ripe table grapes ready to be eatenImage via WikipediaThis is a conversation my children had while eating grapes:

K: The grapes amah bought is seedless. Hey kokoD, did you ever think why the grapes are seedless?
KokoD: Maybe they cut it and take it out.
K: How can? If they cut it, then they have to put it back together again. Do you see any masking tape? You can't eat masking tape. So, how come the grapes don't have seed? Mommy, how come the grapes are seedless?
Mommy: Maybe they are engineered that way. The scientist figured out how to grow them seedless. Also there are many kinds of grapes, like there are many kinds of bananas. (Yes ah, I also not sure but "tembak-lah", meaning shooting blindly).

Mamas Parenting Tip
I've always tried to instill a sense of curiosity in my children by saying things like "hey, did you ever think why..." or "why do you think...." When children question the things they see or experience around them, then they cultivate a spirit of learning. I was happy to hear my girl asked that question about the seedless grape. Helps me know that she is thinking.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Friso Brings My Family Out

Nuffnang along with Friso is organizing a Family Day for bloggy parents like me (and you). BUT to go for this exciting event, you need to get invited first. Here I am trying to earn my invitation by answering the "Get Me A Hong Kong Disneyland Holiday" question:

Why Family Day is important for your children?

I think it is only fair that I get my children's opinion on this. Let's see how K and kokoD answers the question.
  • Because we get to play (that's always the #1 reason)
  • Because we will have fun there and meet new friends
  • Because I want to feel the nice cooling aircond (ya, mommy and daddy don't turn on aircond at home)
  • I want to see how it looks like
  • I want to play with the other children
  • I want my family to be happy
  • Because I don't want to be alone at home (stay at home everyday boring mah)
  • Because I want to see how they do magic, and I want to learn how to do magic (probably want to make your parents disappear, kekeke)
HA, now you will see how adults and children differ in thinking. Here are my top 10 reasons why Family Day is important for our children:
  1. So they don't think their parents are prison wardens who lock them up in the house the whole day.
    "HELP! Let me out!"

  2. So they get a break from their parents screaming at home. They know we are more civilized in public and won't scold too loudly when other people are around. Even if we do scream, it will be drowned or muffled by the noise of the crowd.
  3. Mommy also needs a break. I need to mingle with other "species of my own kind" (other parents lah) to keep my sanity. A happy mommy means children get better "service".
  4. Children also need a break from their mundane routine. Now with the school holidays, they have to crack their heads thinking what to do everyday. Their "bright ideas" usually end up with mommy screaming e.g. "why you pluck all my flowers?", "why is there soap everywhere?", "no you cannot cut that!", "what are you dooooiiiiinnnnngggg???"
  5. Family Day will get them away from the computer. That goes the same for mommy and daddy :)
  6. It's good for children to see their mommy and daddy display hidden talents like balancing eggs on spoons or jumping around in sacks. The more silly the parents, the more cool. A mother that cooks gourmet meals everyday is nothing extraordinary. A mother that can jump through hoops with her hands and legs tied is cool. Well... you get the idea.
  7. A family that plays together, stays together.
  8. Children know their parents really do love them. Take them "kai-kai" and stuff. Not always badgering them to study and work.
  9. So children can expend their vast amount of energy during Family Day, then come home tired and exhausted. There will be peace at home when everyone is sleeping (including parents).
  10. Because it's a whole lot more fun than sitting at home!
I hope my reasons are good enough to get me an invitation. My children have never been to a Family Day before. It would be wonderful if our family can attend this. The best Family Day would be of course that all sponsored trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Wah, if I get that prize, then I can answer back to my children the next time they say "Mommy, you never take us anywhere." Quickly I will say "Who say! I got you to Hong Kong Disneyland right?"
Sigh, wishful thinking. Can someone make my dream come true? (fingers and toes crossed).

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What To Do To Relief Stress This Holiday Season

It's the first week of November already! Yikes! Where has this year gone to?

If you're like many women, you're beginning to feel a little panic as you look at the calendar and realize there are only a few weeks until Thanksgiving and then a few more until Christmas! Anxiety comes as your mind reviews the many tasks (and few hours) that lie ahead. More apprehension settles in if you're concerned about having enough money to do all the things you'd like, and still be able to keep up with the bills!

Well, don't panic! I'm a practical person who operates well with lists, so grab a pen and paper and let's make a plan.
  • First, write the dates on your calendar of every event, program, party and family gathering you expect to attend. If you plan to bring food or gifts, write those down too.
  • Write in when your bills are due, and promise to pay them on time.
  • Determine your holiday budget and promise not to go one penny over it.
  • Make a list of who you will give gifts to, and what you'd like to give them. (Check out my Children's Christmas Gifts and Inexpensive Gifts For Men)
  • Plan your menus now. Would you like to discover top secret restaurant recipes? You can serve up meals like those in your favorite restaurants like Chilli's and Applebee's. Wow your family with your cooking this holiday season with America's Most Wanted Recipes.
  • Do as much grocery shopping now as you can. Cook and bake ahead as much as you can. It's not too early to start!
  • Buy or make as many gifts ahead as you can, get them wrapped, labeled and hidden.
  • Buy, make, write or print out any Christmas cards you want to send.
  • As soon as Thanksgiving is over, go through your Christmas decorations to purge, add or revive
  • Get a copy of the new e-book Stress Free Holiday Entertaining to help you with all the details
  • Remember to keep things simple
  • Plan now to enjoy the holidays!

Be sure to pick up your copy of Stress Free Holiday Entertaining for some tips to help you breeze through the Holidays and enjoy your family and friends!

Freezer Cooking

Friday, November 14, 2008

Children's Christmas Gifts: High School Musical Items

Are you wondering what gifts to get your children for Christmas? If they are High School Musical fans, Christmas gifts this year is easy. Just get them High School Musical merchandise. I'm sure they'll lurve you to bits. Here are some ideas coming your way:

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Premiere Edition [CD+DVD]
The LIMITED EDITION, PREMIERE EDITION is a 2 Disc Set that includes the original Soundtrack, plus a DVD of behind the scenes footage, the movie trailer, music video, 3 ringtones, a voicetone, mobile game and mobile wallpaper PLUS digital downloadables.

Disney High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE (Nintendo Wii)
With High School Musical wii, you can dance to your favorite "High School Musical" songs from all 3 films, play as familiar characters including Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad, and Taylor, play with friends - compete in dance-offs or dance as a duo, includes bonus footage from High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Play it individually or add more fun by getting the family to join in. Yeah, adults can play too. Hehe.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Original Single Sided 24x36 Movie Poster - Not A Reprint
Which Zac Efron fan wouldn't want to wake up and see his cutie pie face staring back at them? When I was younger, I too would collect posters of superstars I love. If you're not to keen on Zac Efron, there are other cool High School Musical posters to choose from.

High School Musical: The Essential Guide (Dk Essential Guides)
You want to encourage reading in your home right? Well, this hardcover gives the inside scoop on the characters as well as remarkable photos and layouts. It's not just about High School Musical 3 but includes stuff on all three movies. You know it'll be the most read book in the house if you get it.

High School Musical Bag
This is a lunch bag so it's not that big (7"W x 8"H). I love how there's a place to keep your water bottle.

High School Musical Watch
My daughter has been bugging me for a watch. I think she'll flip if I got her a High School Musical watch. You can get all three and save. I'm sure you know of other HSM fans who would love to receive this as a Christmas gift.

Happy Christmas shopping!

The Difference Between Kids and Parents

I decided to sleep in a little today but my son was up bright and early. He entertained himself for a while until he thought mommy needed a wake-up call.

KokoD: Mommy, wake up. WAKE UP!
Mommy: But I am tired.
KokoD: How can you be tired. You slept the WHOLE night.

Hehehe. He's got a point. Well, that's the difference between kids and parents: We are always tired and they are never tired.

Mamas Parenting Tip
  • Don't wait too long before you have kids. The older you are, the less energy you have to keep up with them :)
  • Sleep early. That way you won't feel tired even after sleeping the WHOLE night.
  • Stop idle time on the computer. You can't sleep early if you don't turn off the computer. Right or not?

Monday, November 10, 2008

No Sew Fleece Blankets

Singer sewing machine - 31K32 (detail 1)Image via WikipediaMy mom called me a few days ago and told me she just fixed her very, very old sewing machine for RM200. This is the kind of sewing machine where you need to move the leg pedal up and down. Yup, not the fancy, schmancy electric ones these days. I remember learning to sew on that ancient machine of my moms. So many times it would start going backwards and mess everything up. There were many "urgh" moments. It takes practice to get it right.

Well, today I have an electric one. BUT my DH will attest to its underusage. Heck, he is still waiting for me to make some adjustments to his pants... and he passed it to me a year ago (shameful me).

Well, that is just typical me. I just hate the idea of dragging out the sewing machine. BUT I get all wide eyed when I see beautiful sewn crafts made by others.

Good news! Here is a fantastic craft idea and you don't have to make one stitch: No Sew Fleece Blankets.

Ah yes, fleece: warm, soft, comfy. This is a timely idea coz' it will make a "heart warming" Christmas gift. You could get fleece material with Christmassy or winter pictures. I think it's great for someone having a new born baby too. All you need is fabric and scissors. Just cut and tie the edges. Simple right? Even your children can help you. This is definitely a must try for lazy sewing bums like me.
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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pandan Chicken Stew

I love to make stew. It is yummy, plenty of gravy to flood your plate (some kids like that), and you can hide plenty of vegetables in there (great for picky eaters). Here is one I love to make: Pandan Chicken Stew.

1 chicken - cut into small pieces and season with a bit of salt
2-3 bulbs Garlic, 1 big onions and 1 stalk lemon grass -blend it all together
1 big onion - quartered
4-5 cloves garlic
3 inch ginger - slice
1 carrot - sliced
4-5 potatoes - quartered
3 stalks lemon grass - bruise it to get flavor out
3 pandan (screwpine) leaves
1/2 cube chicken stock (optional)

How to cook?
Fry the blended mix of garlic, onions and lemon grass until fragrant.
Put in the ginger as well.
Add in the chicken and cook for a few minutes.
Pour in water (however much gravy you desire). Usually I will transfer the chicken into a pot before I add water.
Throw in the carrots, potatoes, quartered onion and garlic cloves.
Don't forget to add the pandan leaves and lemon grass stalks.
Cover and let it stew over medium fire.
If you want, add about 1/2 cube chicken stock for better chicken flavor.
Towards the end, taste it and see if it needs more salt, sugar, soy sauce or whatever.

You could probably add celery to this stew too. Unfortunately, this cook don't like the taste of celery. Heheheh.

Enjoy, enjoy!

Mama Asks You To Check Out:
    Discover how to cook meals from famous restaurants like Applebee. Chilli, Olive Garden, Hard Rock Cafe, KFC, Red Lobster, TGIF and many more. Save money eating out and impress your friends and family. This is America's Most Wanted Recipes.
    Click the link and get your hands on the top secret recipes today.

Christmas Inexpensive Gifts For Men

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! Yeah you still have 1 1/2 months to go but the shopping needs to start NOW. Online shopping makes life so convenient. No need to walk and walk and walk. No need to be stuck in traffic jams. No need to suffocate in crowded places. But you must remember to allocate shipping time for the items to reach you.

Shopping Christmas gifts for men is always a problem for women. I'm sure the guys will attest to that. Come on, admit it guys; women are not very good at buying gifts for men are we? I mean teddy bears, ties and boxer shorts don't really get you excited.

So my fellow "sistas" out there, let's give them something better this year. I know you're busy so I've done the research for you. Here is a list of:

5 Christmas Inexpensive Gifts For Men
(yeah, we don't want to burst our budget right?)

Perry Ellis 360 Red By Perry Ellis For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces
Men like to smell good. I'm sure you like them smelling good too. This cologne smells similar to Acqua di Gio except much better. It's got a fresh smell and lasts the whole day.

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer
One of a kind gadget that will impress him. It's pure stainless steel, durable and non-battery operated. It doesn't pull but cuts. So, using it is pain-free. Better than all the electric ones out there that fall apart quickly.

SanDisk Cruzer Micro 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (SDCZ6-8192-A11, Retail Package)
Most men like gadgets. This flash drive will give him plenty of memory to store videos, music, pictures and document files. He can easily bring this data around for work purposes or for fun. Hassle free. It's retractable so don't have to worry about losing the cap. Great bargain for 8GB.

SanDisk Sansa e250 2 GB MP3 Player with microSD Expansion Slot (Black)
Another cool gadget to make him look hip. He can enjoy music, video, and photo slideshows on-the-go. There's also voice recording and FM radio. If you can't afford an IPOD, this is a good alternative.

Wagan Ergo Comfort Rest Heated/Massage Magnetic Cushion
Everybody loves a good massage. This gift will help him to relax and relieve knotted back muscles, loosen tense upper shoulder muscles, relieve stress and stiffness of the neck muscles. It comes with Heat Wave Therapy that soothes and relaxes tense muscles. He can use it at home, in the car or at work. And if you're really nice to him, he may loan it to you sometimes too :)

As you can see, I've made sure the gifts are all below USD50. Happy Christmas shopping ladies.