Wednesday, November 05, 2008

High School Musical 3

So, how is everyone surviving the High School Musical craze? I'm sure life is more peaceful when you don't have little swooning fans at home. My girl has been hinting really hard if I will be taking her to watch it. She asked if I would take her if she came out 1st or 2nd in class. Well, the final exam results are out and today she told me that she got 4th in class. Hmmm... shall I be kind or cruel? Oh, what the heck, I'll probably take her and my little Troy Bolton wannabe (KokoD). Yup, KokoD's interest in basketball spiked up after watching the last 2 HSM. I had to patiently tolerate bouncing basketballs in the house.

However, I got to admit I kinda like some of the songs. Goodness knows I got them drummed into my head as my children played them over and over and over again. So, I must be crazy to enter for AMBP's High School Musical 3 CD giveaway. If I do get it, I know that's what will be blasting from my house the next few months. Are my neighbours ready for it?

So AMBP, hope you consider my family as worthy recipients of the highly coveted CD. We parents are ready to sacrifice our sanity for the sake of our children's passion.

You asked "what's the name of the character played by Zac Efron in the High School Musical movie/TV series"?
TROY BOLTON - my daughter will knock me over the head if I don't know this one.


  1. I never watch this HSM. But many young children included my nephew love it very much. They even can sing some of the song. Even my girl will start dance when the music start. I'm so outdated. haha

  2. vickylow:
    Eh, you must watch coz' then you can explain any misconceptions to your girl. I asked my children what they thought the show was about and I tell you, fantastic their answer. Not even close. But at least I got to know what they were thinking.
    I must admit, some of the music is really catchy. Don't you find yourself singing some of the songs?

  3. hey there. thanks for participating. you've been rather quiet. busy ah?

  4. Hi Michael,
    How not to participate? It's one way to justify my online time to my kids coz' they are true blue HSM fans. Of course busy-lah, like everyone else trying to become a millionaire. Hahaha.


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