Monday, November 17, 2008

Friso Brings My Family Out

Nuffnang along with Friso is organizing a Family Day for bloggy parents like me (and you). BUT to go for this exciting event, you need to get invited first. Here I am trying to earn my invitation by answering the "Get Me A Hong Kong Disneyland Holiday" question:

Why Family Day is important for your children?

I think it is only fair that I get my children's opinion on this. Let's see how K and kokoD answers the question.
  • Because we get to play (that's always the #1 reason)
  • Because we will have fun there and meet new friends
  • Because I want to feel the nice cooling aircond (ya, mommy and daddy don't turn on aircond at home)
  • I want to see how it looks like
  • I want to play with the other children
  • I want my family to be happy
  • Because I don't want to be alone at home (stay at home everyday boring mah)
  • Because I want to see how they do magic, and I want to learn how to do magic (probably want to make your parents disappear, kekeke)
HA, now you will see how adults and children differ in thinking. Here are my top 10 reasons why Family Day is important for our children:
  1. So they don't think their parents are prison wardens who lock them up in the house the whole day.
    "HELP! Let me out!"

  2. So they get a break from their parents screaming at home. They know we are more civilized in public and won't scold too loudly when other people are around. Even if we do scream, it will be drowned or muffled by the noise of the crowd.
  3. Mommy also needs a break. I need to mingle with other "species of my own kind" (other parents lah) to keep my sanity. A happy mommy means children get better "service".
  4. Children also need a break from their mundane routine. Now with the school holidays, they have to crack their heads thinking what to do everyday. Their "bright ideas" usually end up with mommy screaming e.g. "why you pluck all my flowers?", "why is there soap everywhere?", "no you cannot cut that!", "what are you dooooiiiiinnnnngggg???"
  5. Family Day will get them away from the computer. That goes the same for mommy and daddy :)
  6. It's good for children to see their mommy and daddy display hidden talents like balancing eggs on spoons or jumping around in sacks. The more silly the parents, the more cool. A mother that cooks gourmet meals everyday is nothing extraordinary. A mother that can jump through hoops with her hands and legs tied is cool. Well... you get the idea.
  7. A family that plays together, stays together.
  8. Children know their parents really do love them. Take them "kai-kai" and stuff. Not always badgering them to study and work.
  9. So children can expend their vast amount of energy during Family Day, then come home tired and exhausted. There will be peace at home when everyone is sleeping (including parents).
  10. Because it's a whole lot more fun than sitting at home!
I hope my reasons are good enough to get me an invitation. My children have never been to a Family Day before. It would be wonderful if our family can attend this. The best Family Day would be of course that all sponsored trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Wah, if I get that prize, then I can answer back to my children the next time they say "Mommy, you never take us anywhere." Quickly I will say "Who say! I got you to Hong Kong Disneyland right?"
Sigh, wishful thinking. Can someone make my dream come true? (fingers and toes crossed).


  1. LOL the photo is so funny. Must win the vacation so that your children can prison brake. haha

  2. hi my first time visiting ur blog..good luck fr your entry! the photo is definitely funny! haha

  3. Hope you get the invitation there. Good luck!!

  4. It's interesting that you're doing this family thing. I've just recently started thinking about family as well. And I'm going to get the kids to answer the questions too. Not just Tee, but ALL the kids in my extended family :-))))

    Wishing you ALL the best to WIN!!!

  5. vickylow:
    So mommy can prison break too. hahaha.

    Thanks. It would be nice to win.

    Fussy mum:
    Good news! I did get invited. Now hope I get a prize too.

    Big Pumpkin:
    Thanks for the wishes. Looking forward to hear your answers.


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