Thursday, November 20, 2008

Giving Children A Chance To Give Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts.Image via WikipediaSo far, my children have only been recipients of Christmas presents. This year, I'm giving them the chance to be "givers" instead of just being "receivers." They are older now and can help around the house. I told them that I"ll pay them to do certain chores. It's only for this Christmas season though and the money collected must be used to buy presents for others, NOT for themselves :)

K is stoked on the idea and she is a bargainer too. When I said I'll give her 50 cents to clear the dinner table, she asked for 70 cents. When I said I'll give her $1.50 to wash the dishes, she asked for $2. She's a sly one too. There are usually more dishes to wash during dinner time compared to lunch. So I offered $2 for washing dinner plates and $1 for washing lunch plates. Quickly she turns to her brother and says, you wash up after lunch and I'll wash up after dinner. Lucky the brother is not easily conned, he said "no". Hahaha.

Other chores are like hanging the clothes, bringing in the dry clothes, taking it upstairs and putting it away, washing the car, babysitting, and whatever other help I need from them. To date K has earned $5.80 and kokoD has $4. Hope I don't go broke at the end of this project.

I think they are quite excited about the prospect of buying Christmas presents for others. Heard them talking the other day about what to buy for me, their dad and their grandfather. K was saying to me "you cannot wrap it coz' then you'll know what it is. I know how to wrap so you buy the Christmas wrapper and I'll wrap it." I hope they use their money wisely.

I think I need to guide them further on how to choose Christmas presents. Maybe break it down into categories for them e.g. clothes, food, jewelry and accessories, books. Maybe even simpler: things you can wear, eat or use. Must make it clear we don't need TOYS! Hahahah.

Christmas morning will be interesting. Can't wait to see what sort of presents they will buy.
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  1. You remind me of my mum. She used to pay my brothers and I to do household chores too when we were young and I was really excited of the idea of earning my own money. She paid me RM10 for washing 2 bathrooms.... that was 20 years ago hehe....

  2. Washing bathrooms, oh I didn't think of that. Must put that on their list of chores too. Hahahah. RM10 is not bad pay.


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