Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wickless Scented Candles

Do you like aromatherapy? You know, things like scented oils, incense and scented candles? I love it, and my kids love them too. My favorite is the lavendar scent. I also have one scent to help with migraine. I usually use a burner; put the scented oil on top and a tea-light candle at the bottom.

Well, it seems there is another way to fill our house with wonderful fragrances without having to burn anything. It's by Scentsy and their way is wickless candles. What does that mean? Well, no smoke for one thing. Another thing would be how much safer it is. Yeah, I do get a little jittery when I have to light a candle, even if it's a little one. My kids get a little too excited when there are candles around. I'm always worried "something" might happen. Well, you know how little kids are.

So how does it work? The wickless candle bar is called a Scentsy Bar. What you do is warm it with a warmer rather than using heat from a candle. And the warmers come in beautiful designs too which make nice decor for your home. Here's what November's warmer of the month looks like:

With Christmas coming up fast, you could consider this as an ideal Christmas gift for friends or family. You have over 80 yummy fragrances to choose from. As for me, the cinnamon cider which is this month's fragrance sounds like a wonderful scent to have in the home. Go see what's your favorite.

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