Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Keeping Kids Busy During School Holidays

I've been so busy working on the kid's Christmas Gifts shop, I didn't realize I haven't made a post here for this week. I just completed two Christmas shopping lists: Great Christmas Gifts Ideas for Kids and Romantic Christmas Gifts for Her. Do check them out coz' I know it'll save you time from browsing around for Christmas gifts.

As for my kids, they are going a little nutsy. It's the year-end school holidays and they've too much energy to burn. I'm sure there are a lot of other nutsy children out there too driving their parents up the wall :) So, what to do, what to do?

Here's a quick list:
  • Get them to help you in the kitchen. I get my daughter to wash the plates, bowl and utensils as I cook. Both she and kokoD are ever ready to help me stir (what we chinese say "la-la" or "chow") the food that's cooking in the wok. I'm also getting K to help me cut vegetables. Don't freak out! I give her a small knife to use, not a big butcher knife. Not only do these activities help keep them busy but it's also educational:
    • K is learning different ways to cut vegetable e.g. straight, slanting, what size.
    • The most efficient way to wash dishes so you don't waste water.
    • How long to stir the garlic before adding in the vegetables into the wok.
    • K can fry eggs and cook instant noodles by herself. Yay! My children won't starve when I'm not around. She's learned how to turn on and off the gas, how much oil to use for frying the eggs, how much water to use for boiling the noodles, how to scoop the noodles out and add the packet ingredients.
    • The two kids know how to prepare their own milk and hot chocolate drinks in the morning.
  • Give them board games to play
  • Teach them some card games too e.g. fishing, memory games, uno.
  • Let them play bubbles. This will keep them occupied for at least 1/2 hour.
  • Computer games. In this day and age, can we help it? But of course make sure you set time limits for them. Interestingly, my two kiddos like playing computer chess. They also play strategic war games. That one I have my DH to thank.
  • Go to the movies. If they are watching CDs or DVDs at home, limit to 1-2 a day.
  • Outside play time. Go to the park or play badminton in front of your gate.
  • Art and craft - Christmas is coming, so here are some free Christmas coloring pages for you to download. If not just give your kids colorful paper, crayons, different colored markers, stickers, ink pad and stamps, glu, scissors, color pencils etc.... and let them create. Getting a children's art and craft book or magazine will help. Even better, get easy craft ideas with FUN KIDS CRAFT. You’ll have over 700 crafts with illustrations and templates at your fingertips. Great for kids 3 years and up! Over 370 PAGES of fun crafts with step-by-step instructions. It’s a no-brainer.
  • Talking about Christmas, get the Christmas tree out and let them decorate it. Of course, this is only applicable to people who are celebrating Christmas.
  • Music time. Put on some music and shake your bootie. Or, learn to play an instrument like the piano, guitar, violin etc....
  • Toys that allow them to create like lego, blocks, playdoh.
  • Workbooks. No, this is not being "kiasu". It's just letting your child know they have to keep in touch with some studying so their brain don't rot. Hahaha. Of course we are talking about light and fun work here. Don't pile the workbooks on them and stress them out, okay? If you have a preschooler, read my review on these preschool printable worksheets. If not, just go straight to the JUMBOWORKBOOKS page.
  • Baking! You can cheat, like me and use something out of a box. I needed to do something that didn't take a lot of time, that's why I cheated.

    Mixing the batter.
    (Sorry, I don't have one of those high-tech, super duper cameras. Hence the blur picture).

    Adding sprinkles. It's a must with these kids.

    Cutting the cake. They couldn't wait for it to cool down. Every few minutes I'd hear "Mommy, can we eat now!"

    Easy peasy baking. Don't have to sign up for RM80 baking workshops where you have to drive them there, wait for them, then drive them back. Don't waste your time unless you have time to waste.

    Well, hope these ideas help you survive the school holidays.


  1. good idea to keep kids occupied. you are just an amazing mum~!

  2. dd oso am so eager to help me to cook these days..and also doing the laundry.

    one stone kills two birds ;) keep them occupied and let them learn something at the same time.


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