Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Malaysian Primary School Registration

Today I registered my girl at Puay Chai (SS2) Primary School. The task and confusion of registering a child in school is a common experience among Malaysian parents. These are our common questions:

1. Which school?
2. When to register?
3. Where to go?
4. What to bring?

Since I am done with this responsibility of mine, let me share with you my experience.

Well, I too was confused with the "Kebangsaan vs Chinese" school issue. I will not go into that as each have their pros and cons. Each parent will have to search out that answer themselves. It depends on what you want for your child and knowing the capabilities of your child. Therefore, there is no one answer for everybody. As for me, I chose to go with the Chinese School. Now all I can do is pray that I made the right decision.

This year registration is open to children born in the year 2001. To be more exact, registration only began in March (meaning now lah). So, don't listen to people who tell you to register the moment your child is born. Next year will be for children born in the year 2002. So just calculate from there and you will know when to register your child.

Head to the school office and they will give you a form to fill out.

1. Original birth certificate
2. Photostated copy of the birth certificate.
3. Utility bill noting your current address. (Bring more than one to be on the safe side).
4. Photostated copy of the utility bill.
5. Envelope with a 50 cent stamp. (Not sure if it's just with Puay Chai or all the schools). Anyway, I didn't know about this and paid RM1. Better than going home and coming back again.

Okay, so it's as simple as that. I had to learn all this through word of mouth. So I hope I've at least helped some other worried parent out there.

Here's another website I found that may be of help:


  1. susah hor... to decide which type of school... hmmm... dunno can register international school or not? have to dye my son's hair first... LOL!

  2. Luckily I don't have to face these decisions just yet.. got few more years. Phew!

  3. I have made my decision, go the nearest one to my house which is within walking distance. Lazy mommy like me lazy to survery around the schools! Anyway,it's a Chinese school!

  4. VERY useful. I'll remember to come back to refer to this post in 5 years time....;)

    it's a pain if you have to scramble to find out about these things huh? someone somewhere should document all these processes down for the benefit of others;) which is what you;ve done! thanks lian!

  5. Sorry, I am clueless when it comes to this. If you register in Mar 2006, will it be for admission in Jan 2007?

    If so, that means your child will only be 6 years old when he/she enters Primary 1. I thought the child must be 7 years old.

    Is registering as good as confirmation of admission? Or are you just registering for a place subject to availability?

    Can you register at different Chinese schools? (assuming that places are subject to availability)

  6. Hi babykhong,
    Registration in 2006 is for admission in Jan 2008.
    You register you child the year they turn 5 but only start school when they are 7.
    Registration is not confirmation of admission. They will put a chop at the back of your child's birthcert to acknowledge that you have registered. Then they ask you to wait for a letter from the ministry
    I doubt you can register at different schools. Like I said, they put a chop on the birthcert upon registration.
    Good luck!

  7. Thanks for the clarification.

    This is what I don't like about this system, it all depends on luck. We register in Mar 2006 (when child is 5 or turning 5) for entry in Jan 2008 (when child is 7 or turning 7). Is there a deadline for the MOE to revert with confirmation of acceptance?

    What happens if they let you know too late and registration for private school (assuming it is the 2nd option) has passed?

    Is there an appeal process?

    If my child is rejected for the nearest Chinese school to our house, why would he be accepted at another Chinese school further away? Does it mean that if one is rejected from a Chinese school, it means that national school beckons?

    Er, I laminated our child's birthcert. How to chop?

  8. Hi khongfamily,
    Very valid concerns indeed. The things we need to worry about.
    Well, I haven't gone through the entire process yet, only the registration so I don't think I can say much. Maybe you can blog about it and see if someone with more experience can help.
    Recently I cancelled my girl's registration as I've moved. They cancelled the chop at the back of her cert. I hope your laminated BCert will not pose a problem. You know how some people can be, they don't find solutions only complain, complain to make you feel worse.

  9. Is is there a website for Puay Cha (SS2) ?

  10. Well, it now year 2012 and i think this is still a useful post. I found this after googling "how to register for primary school". Someone gave me the website for the ministry of education, which is confusing and have no information on this. Thanks for the tips.

  11. Anonymous 26 March 2012
    I need your advice..some problems cropped up when I wanted to make confirmation on my ward's registation for school for 2012.Besides the required documents such as birth certificate and utility bills , I was told to bring along the child's parents' marriage certificate and a letter from the child's parents that I am the lawful guardian of the child.The school authority and I had a heated argument over this matter.Well, should I fail to produce these 2 documents, would my child be deprived of a place in school.This is probably the first time I heard of a school requiring 'marriage certificate' Don't you think that going to school is the right of every child born in Malaysia .Don't the birth certificate and My Kid good enough.What happen to those children of single parents,adopted children etc etc.Please advise.

    1. If you are not the child's parent, I guess they would need some kind of prove that you are the legal guardian. This is probably to avoid any future unforeseen problems. I'm not so sure about the procedure though or if this requirement only pertains to this school you're trying to register your child in. Have you tried other schools yet to see if they require those extra documents too?

  12. Hi Lian .. Thanks for your reply .No in fact, I didn't go to the school to confirm my registration (correction I got the date wrong for next year confirmation 2013 instead of 2012..sorry)I just called up the school to find out what I have to bring along before I go there.My neighbour who registered hers was told to bring the marriage certificate.I guess I have to go the comissioner of oaths to do that.The child was only my husband's and my ward since she was 1 year plus.We love the child to bits and we have given her one of the best preschool education

  13. Hi All,

    I'm not too sure at what age should I register my children for primary school?

    1. You can either register 2 years before or the year before they enter primary 1. Most people register 2 years before to ensure they get a place in the school of their choice.

    2. Oh, forgot to mention that the schools usually hang out a banner to inform the public that they are open for registration. And they normally state for which school year too.

  14. I have read on some forums that there are forms to fill up, can be obtained from MOE. But the MOE website is so confusing, i do not know how to navigate there.
    Any idea where n how to obtain these forms, if it is required? We stay in KL.

    1. I'm not sure what forms you are referring to. As far as I know, you go to the school and they will give you the forms to fill up.


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