Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We Have Tadpoles

It's been raining quite a bit lately. And so while many people are cursing the rain because of traffic jams and floods, the frogs have been happily spawning. What a great time for a Science Lesson! So off we went with our plastic cups and a RM3 plastic aquarium to Taman Aman. Thank goodness not all the puddles were dried up. The kids tried to scoop up every tadpole they could see. Poor Mom had to keep reminding them, "we REALLY, REALLY don't need that many frogs!"
Well, we get home with our new "pets" and it hits me, "what do tadpoles eat?" Looks like it's turning out to be
more of a science lesson for Mom then for the kids. So I had to do a little bit of research and found out they could feed on goldfish flakes. Yay! I already had that available, so no sweat. But then their diet will eventually change and that part, I haven't figured out yet.
Also, as they morph, they will need less water and a place to crawl out of the water. So Damus and I went back to the park the next morning in search of stones and some sticks. Hopefully, that will do the trick. The science lesson is still in progress. Let's see if we manage to rear some hoppers. Stay tune for the results.

In the meantime, you might be interested on doing some extra reading. You know, just in case you come across some tadpoles and decide to host a REAL LIFE science lesson too.
1. How To Raise Tadpoles
2. Dealing With Tadpoles
3. Toad and Frog Tadpoles


  1. Oh a real life science project. What a brilliant idea. I'm afraid I'm going to fail that one though. I'm afraid of frogs!

  2. what happen if all of them grow up? you might have problems wor :P

  3. That's a brilliant idea, Ai Lian. I'm going to borrow that...

  4. Tadpole is okay, but went it grows up, I wouldn't wanna have frog around my house :)

    Good way to teach them bout nature.. hands on ;P

  5. To all frog geli parents:
    Tadpoles are ok. They look like little fishies. When grow into tiny frogs, release them back into the wild lor. I'm also not one who has the guts to hold a frog. Hahahah.

  6. how are they now ;)

    still hopping around in water?

    alive n kicking?

    or you all looking for new tadpoles?

    anyways tadpoles are so nice to play/learn with :)

  7. Taspoles?! i don't like them but i believe it is very interesting for children and bet they love tadpoles. Mummy learnt a lot too, right?!


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