Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Art on Balloons

I've heard many parents fret over children drawing on floors and walls. It definately is a headache to clean up (that is if it can be cleaned at all) but it just goes to show the zest of exploration in a child testing their new found skills on different textures. Well, here is a wonderful and acceptable way to encourage their love of drawing -- Art on Balloons! It was a spur of the moment thing that I happened to discover this wonderful activity. The kids wanted me to blow up balloons for them to play and I thought why not draw faces on the balloon to make it more fun. Well, the kids decided they wanted to draw on the balloons too. And let me tell you, they enjoyed it tremendously. So now whenever they get their hands on a balloon, they rush for the marker pens.
I wish I had taken pictures of their "masterpieces". Maybe next time. In the meantime, let your children create their own masterpieces.

Below are some interesting sites on children and drawing. I enjoyed reading the information there and know that many parents will benefit from the reading as well. Do check it out.

1. Drawing Encounters
2. Young in Art
3. Teaching Children to Draw


  1. That's a great idea. I used balloons to make little stress balls one day with Bunny. We sifted flour into them and drew on them. It was very, very, very messy, but was a great time!

    This is a good time to try your balloon artwork. When Bunny was a little bit younger I was afraid she'd bite the balloons and pop them in her mouth. I'll let her get a little crazy with them before Lila get's to that point!

  2. Yeap, it is fun. My hubby does that to the balloons and Champion has started to follow too. He is always amused by the balloon having a face!


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