Monday, April 30, 2007

Baby Can Turn!

Woo hoo! Baby D hits a milestone. He has been actively turning the last 2 days. The last few weeks I've reduced drastically the amount of time I carry him. He has been very good when I lay him on the mattress. Unfortunately, a bit lazy to turn. He would just lay there happily eating his "drumstick" (sucking his entire fist) and looking around. We would tease him by saying his butt is too heavy to turn. He finally proved us wrong. Now we got to watch out that he doesn't roll on to the floor.
I'm not sure if my little trick spurred him on. You see, I was told that to encourage babies to turn, you put them on a blanket and gently lifting the sides, you roll them back and forth. 2 nights ago, I had my DH assist me. He held on to one side, I held on to the other. Baby was like hammocked in the middle of the blanket and we rolled him for half a minute or so. He enjoyed that. Next day, he surprised me by turning on his own.
Anyway, I sound like a first time parent being all excited and stuff. But you know what, whether you are first time, third time or tenth time parent, it's so delightful to see your baby hit milestones.

p.s. I know I will regret this when he starts to move faster than I can catch him :)


  1. Both my gals learnt to flip over quite fast and before I knew it, they were already learning to commando crawl and later crawling like an alligator. I think that's because I gave them lots of tummy time even from newborn and they loved it as I think the view is better when they are on their tummy :)

    Ooohhh, just look at the 'michellin' arms (like the michellin tyre doll logo), just feeling like biting it.

  2. a&a'smom30 April, 2007 20:04

    Congrats on the new milestone!

  3. hey congrats! soon he will start to crawl, cruise, walk, run etc!

  4. congrats! thats a real healthy baby you've got there

  5. Hi--it is wonderful to watch and be a part of their milestones. I agree, no matter how many children you have, each milestone is still a thrill.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. hahah i can imagine you helping him in the blanket the 1st time...must be quite funny! ya anxious for them to grow up then worry...hahhaa..typical parent

  7. parents always very proud w their kids every single development.
    Congrats! hehehe :)

  8. Wowo another milestone achieved! :)

  9. Hey, congrats! Once Rowena started to turn, I could not leave her unattended anywhere!


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