Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mother's Day Gifts

Getting an e-card from my daughter reminded me that Mother's Day is just around the corner. I haven't really done much to celebrate Mother's day for my own mother for the last few years. I remember as a teenager, I would get a card for her and write down my thanks. When I was away at university, I would also post home a card to tell her I loved her. Now we are in the digital age, giving and getting physical cards have become extinct like dinosaurs. Well, for me anyway.

Have you thought of what to give your mother for Mother's Day? Or have you thought of what you want to receive for Mother's Day? I think this year I'll get her something simple from MyAsper. Maybe a nice pendant or a bracelet? Why don't you check it out as well. Easy shopping and quite affordable. As people always say, "its the thought that counts."


  1. According to, stay-at-home mother's work worth $138,095 a year. See the article from Reuters for the full story.

    I definitely think the taking care of the kids and household is a lot of work. I am doing my part to help out.

    Even though every day should be Mother's Day (or Father's Day) in my opinion, May 13th is the day we choose to celebrate mothers around the world. Remember to show your appreciation to all the special women in your life who are mothers, on the day or any day. I and my kids are still looking for the gift for my wife.

    In the meantime, here are some artistic, animated ecards for the occasion.

    Best Mom


  2. Here is another great idea for a mother's day gift.

    There is a non-profit relief organization called Oxfam America, whose alternative online gift catalog, Oxfam America Unwrapped, launched last fall with more than three dozen symbolic gifts- the proceeds of which support Oxfam's programs in 26 countries. Popular gifts from the website include a sheep, water jugs and the offer to "Plant 50 Trees." All gift contributions are general donations to Oxfam America and are fully tax deductible.

    The sheep does not actually get delivered to the "buyer's" porch, but in exchange for the donation, a person will receive a card with a fulfillment insert that describes what they have bought and how it will go to help people in other countries. Proceeds from this campaign will go to fund Oxfam America programs world-wide.

    It is truly a gift for those who need it most.


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