Saturday, November 17, 2007

Baby Milestone: 10 Months

My big baby at 10 months is just a busy, busy bee. When he is awake, he walks and walks all over the house. Below is a list of things he does:
  • Pulls down the books from the shelf. Like a magnet he is attracted to books. I guess I should be happy. But that happiness fizzles out when I have to tidy up the hurricane struck room. Anyway, his favourite are lift-the-flaps books.
  • Open cupboards and drawers. He knows where daddy keeps his wallet.
  • Loves the kitchen. Always trying to open my rice container. I let him feel the rice once and now he keeps going back for more. Also always reaching for the fridge magnets.
  • As good as a vacuum cleaner. He can spot even the smallest of things on the floor.
  • Tries to jump on the trampoline.
  • On a constant lookout for the tv remote control.
  • Ransack the koko and jie-jie's things in the playroom.
  • Tries to 'kacau' his siblings when they are playing computer. He also wants to bang on the keyboard and play with the mouse.
  • If the staircase gate is open, he will open-close, open-close it. Sometimes, he will climb to he first step, sit there and play with the gate. If the gate is closed, he will sometimes try to climb it.

He also is beginning to understand instructions. We've asked him a few times now to go pick up his handkerchief that's lying on the floor and give it to us. He actually did it.

Although a handful at times, he will melt your heart by giving you his cheeky smile. Anyway, I'm glad he takes a nap in the afternoon. And jie-jie has issued a warning at the bookshelf.


  1. awww... that cute innocent look... I suppose after he learned how to walk, he's found new freedom!

  2. Hi L--such a sweet face! Yes, books can be so helpful in raising your little one (smile). Sounds like a very active little boy, eh.z

  3. sting:
    Not only that, he can also reach up to grab many things.

    Yes, he is a cutie pie. I don't mind the activeness. Just his sense of curiosity kicking in.

  4. exploring time...another milestone..

  5. Guess all the kids like to messy the place with toys, books even your things.... haha

  6. hie there...
    i am an avid reader of mother & baby from sg but recently i bought the mag from jb and found ur link. u hv a great blog here and i will add u up coz u have great tips on parenting. i hv a 1yr 2mths old baby boy after a hard time trying to have a child. and u are giving me great tips here. thanks!

  7. heh, ur boy is doing great at this 10th months ... he very "lasak" too, sure make u busy all the time :)

  8. haha.. baby D is so cute... so does jie jie K with that sign board! kekeke... really salute you with 3 kids you still able to blog and manage the e-store! Your kids are well trained!

  9. he's still a chubby little baby. he looks like damus.


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