Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Giving Handphone to Children

Thanks to all the wonderful mothers out there that have shared their tips and answered my questions on what to do with a child starting Std1. I will put the ideas to the test and update everyone on what happens next year. I will also compile a "starting school" shopping list when I'm done with mine.

Vickylow mentioned in her comment to teach our children to use the public phone in case they need to call home. Great idea! However, this got me thinking that our kids are so exposed to handphones (that means mobile phones my western friends), public phone is like a "what's that mom?" sort of thing. Of course I'm not saying give your young child a handphone instead. But eventually you will give them one right? Just wondering, what is an appropriate age to give your child a handphone?

When will you (or did you) give your child one?

p.s. I know I owe many people tags like "hutang keliling pinggang". I plan to dedicate the next 1 week to doing the tags okay? Bear with me.


  1. You may try the I-Care Kids Moble Phone

  2. handphone to kids now is common unlike our days...I havent thought of when is the right time to give kids handphone...

  3. vickylow:
    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Isn't it funny now that you look back, do you ever wonder how we survived without it?


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