Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why You Should Read With Your Child

A couple of nights ago, I read The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen to my children. As usual, I would pose a few questions here and there along the way.

If you remember the story, the Little Mermaid had to wait until she was fifteen before she was allowed to swim to the surface. When she finally had the chance to see the world above, she saw a ship with a prince on board. In a storm the prince was thrown overboard and the Little Mermaid ended up saving him. When the Little Mermaid returned home, her sisters asked what she had seen. But the Little Mermaid refused to tell them.

Why didn't she want to tell them? I mean, wow, such an adventure. Won't you be excited to share the experience?
Because if she tells them, then they will ALL want to marry the prince. But she wants to marry the prince herself.

The story continues...
Little Mermaid needs the Prince to marry her or she will become sea foam. That's her deal with the sea witch. The night the Prince marries another girl, the Little Mermaid's sisters tells her she needs to stab the prince in the heart. If she does that, she can become a mermaid again and return home. That's their deal with the sea witch.

Will you do it? Would you kill the man you love? If you were the Little Mermaid, what would you do?
Yes. I will kill him. Who ask him to marry someone else!

You know the saying "Hell has no fury like a woman's scorn?" Looks like its the same for little girls. So young yet already exist the traits of possessiveness, jealousy and revenge. Which boy want to tackle my DD better becareful ya. And which girl want to steal her boyfriend away also better watch out. Don't say I didn't give warning.

Mama's Bag Of Tricks:
Read with your children often. It's a great way to bond. Also a tool to get into their heads to see how and what they think.


  1. ya good to know what and how they think. Yet we can correct them if things not right.

  2. It's good to read for children. It inculcate reading habits in them.. Now, my gal wants me to read to her every night. Sometimes, she reads for me.

  3. a&a'smom16 November, 2007 19:05

    Abilash reads to me as our nightly ritual b4 I tuck him into bed. He too give his own ideas abt the story. Abj now reads on his own tru out the day. He never used to like to read but now every 2 weeks we go to the SAlam library & borrow 12 books. He has since cultivated the habit.

  4. haha... this is cool, definitely read to our child and throw them questions is a good way in understanding what's in their little mind. Good tips!

  5. vickylow:
    That's right. Better do it when they are young and still listen to us. Heheheh.

    Well done mommy.

    Wah, 12 books. That's a lot of reading. Just curious, what books are Abj and Abilash reading?

    It's quite fun to hear their answers and see their reaction.

  6. I like what you are doing. The children benefit a lot from reading.

  7. a&a'smom18 November, 2007 21:22

    Ya 12 books (can keep the books for 3 weeks) as it will last for 2 weeks or so. Abj is into the Mr Midnight Series while Abilash enjoys the Aussie Bites series & other books. I also borrow Malay stories books to improve their Malay ( they dont enjoy but forced to by me). They aslo read in the car while travelling & while sitting on the throne (LOL!).

  8. yes..i agree with eldest DD was already recognising alpha and colours at a young age of 2..and reads at 3 yrs of age...i didn't have to worry leaving her in school cos she can read...(english only hehe)


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