Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Super Heroes In The Home

Superman, Batman, Spiderman etc... my young kids are very familiar with super heroes. It would seem that one of their growing stage is learning about good vs evil. My son especially, would occasionally dress up as a 'good guy' and go about defeating imaginary villains (even dinosaurs). My girl is also in the loop as she fancies cartoons such as Legend of the Superheroes.

Well, why not take advantage of this eh? I need help at home and in a way, need to be rescued at times. Therefore, I've made my children into my super heroes. These are some things my super heroes do for me:
  • Bring down the dirty laundry
  • Bring down the kettle from the upstairs bathroom so I can boil hot water for baby's bath
  • Hand over a clean diaper
  • Get a towel for me to wrap baby in after he bathes (sometimes I forget)
  • Pick up my ringing handphone which is usually not on the same floor I'm at
  • Bring up the empty laundry basket
  • Find the always lost pacifier
  • Get the always missing handkerchief to wipe baby's drool
  • Throw xxx in the dustbin for me
  • Pat baby back to sleep coz' mommy's out hanging the clothes
  • Turn on the bathroom light for Koko D (he's still not tall enough yet)
So, nowadays, this is how I summon my super heroes:

"I need xxxxx, who will be my super hero?"
After I've been rescued... Thank you super hero (insert name here).
Sometimes I would also sing "Rescue girl/boy, coming to my rescue". The tune is taken from Go, Diego, Go when he opens his rescue pack.

This has really helped me get my kids to do things with a good attitude. Before, when I would ask them to do something, they would complain, moan and groan. Now with the super hero tag, they even fight and race to do the task. Hooray for heroes! Hopefully they won't catch on to mommy's trick.


  1. Whatever gets the job done LoL. Your site sure got lots of "tips and tricks"

    "I'm an ex-national golfer turned SAHM." Whats a SAHM? if I may dare to ask :D

    Thx for linking me (, I'm sorry I didn't link your site earlier. I've just added it moments ago.

  2. Ah.... thats a good idea that I can use! Hmmmm..... will sure try it out later.

    Yes, would like to inform you that i have move my site to

  3. Hi bloomingtree,
    SAHM means Stay-At-Home-Mom. Thanks for adding me to your blog. I think your blogs are quite refreshing.

    I will take note of that.


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