Saturday, May 16, 2009

Stylin' With Hair Gel

Since KokoD was a baby, his father has been cutting his hair. And it's been the same style of haircut until recently. KokoD no more wants to follow his daddy's and little brother's almost "botak" (bald) hairstyle. The last few times DH took out his hair shaving gadget for a cutting session, KokoD outrightly refused a haircut. His hair has grown out and now he has been trying to get it to stand up.

I'm tickled pink by how vain my little boy is getting. He wets his hair everytime he has a bath just so he can comb his hair up. But of course we know that water doesn't hold the hair up forever, so we finally decided to get him some hair gel. It's funny how he doesn't like the way I style it for him, he must do it HIS way.
My baby with his little "botak" head.

Now my little man, stylin' his hair and all. (Sob, sob). He is not too happy here. First time trying out the hair gel. Couldn't get it the way he wanted. Complained that his hair is a bit too long. Mommy calling him "Mr. Porcupine" didn't help either.

Today seems to be a better hairday. He got it the way he likes. No more complains about hair being too long and sticking out too much. You can tell how happy he is just by the big smile on his face. Father still insists he shave it all off. Sigh!


  1. FUAH!!!! Stylo-mylo man!!! Tee likes to put gel too ever since someone commented how pretty she looked when her fringe was away from her forehead. The Hubs tricks her now that water is baby gel (it works before she goes to school) and all day after that, she'll be asking (assuming she has no access to any mirrors), "is my hair still up?"

  2. I have to show daddy this pics. Tell him that his son wants this kinda hairstyle too ..but daddy dont know how to do it . cinaman mah.

  3. a&a'smom18 May, 2009 11:46

    I too have a porcupine style fan in Abilash!

  4. Wow, your boy looks so handsome and funky! I'm curious to know the gender of your baby too:)

  5. Big Pumpkin:
    At least you can still trick her with "baby gel". I wonder how we will react if they ask to dye their hair green or pink. Hahahah.

    Family First:
    I think we moms need a quick workshop on how to style boyz' hair.

    Maybe Abilash can teach my son some techniques :)


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