Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day!

Forgot to put up a post to wish all mothers, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"

As for me, mother's day came, mother's day went. Nothing special. Went to church as usual. Since I'm in the primary organization (nursery teacher), I helped the kids make some lollipop flowers for their mothers. Two sisters (the primary president and her counsellor) were busy making sure all the mothers would get one, nobody made for them. So, I crafted a few more at home and added some "extras" to the gift.

Grabbed a small decorative cup, added shreded crepe paper and some candy. Stuck the lollipop candy on top.

Recycled a glass jar, had my daughter stick some gold stars on it, added some shreded crepe paper and then threw in some candy. Top it off with the lollipop flower and a carnation.

It's really interesting how I got the carnation. DH is working on a Malaysian florist website and he went over to the lady's (her name is Mei) house to discuss some details. I went along with him coz' he also had other errands to run and it's easier if someone sits in the car so you don't waste time looking for parking. Plus, it was a great excuse to get my Mother's Day treat: Ipoh Chicken Rice over at Jln. Gasing. Anyway, back to Mei's house... She's such a nice lady... She gave me a basket of floral arrangement. And then when we were about to get into the car to leave, she comes running out of the house with a box of Ferrero Rouche chocolates to give BabyD because she said he was so good to wait for his daddy. Nice lady huh? I forgot to take a picture of the flowers but it was Geberas and Carnations. If you want to see her wonderful floral masterpieces, go to her website --
At the moment there's only one link to "Mother's Day" flowers. There are more products coming up. DH and me are working on the site and will be uploading the new pages soon. If you are looking for floral gifts, do look for Mei. Once again, she's such a nice lady! I'm sure you'll be happy doing business with a nice lady :)

Okay, so what did I get my mom? Well, I haven't gotten it yet but I know she likes the solar garden lights I have in my garden. I'll be getting a few for her as her Mother's Day gift.

As for my kids, my daughter made me a Mother's Day card. Errr... that was it. I guess mommy is special to them everyday so Mother's Day is no biggie. Heheheh. Yeah, that's what I like to think :)


  1. Hey they are so beautiful... awww! a card... that is so special... :)

  2. This is a nice craft to make for mommies...lovely..i think d flower for mom n my dotter would wanna eat that lollies..wahahah...

    I won a bouquet of flowers(sponsored) for my mom(attached with a photo of us) this Mother's Day! mom loved it :) I think it's rare occasion we women get flowers rite :) nowadays...especially we ar not in courting days anymore..haha...

  3. MOthers' day is indeed such a special occassion for us to remember of our lovely moms

  4. Jaanvi:

    Yeah, 5 minutes after my kids gave me the lollipop flower, they asked if they could eat the lolly.
    That's wonderful that you won the bouquet of flowers for your mom. Can just imagine her happiness. Hey, even courting days also I didn't get any flowers. Hahahah.

    Yes, hope our children remember us too later when they grow up and their lives get busy.


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