Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5th Month Of Pregnancy

Last check up, weight has gone up another 2kg. I'm now at 69kg. I'm eating like normal again and have been thoroughly enjoying the mango season. I'm also back in the kitchen cooking. Skills are a bit rusty but children have yet to complain. (They don't dare. Muahahahaha. Just kidding). The energy is back up again. I'm not pooped out after doing laundry and preparing lunch. Still need my afternoon nap though.

The weather has been crazily hot but I think my heat generator is also on overdrive now. Even though today was cooler than other days, I was still sweating and feeling like I was being BBQed. I'm so hoping I win an air-conditioner from the LG Life's Cool contest over at The Star Online. I have an aircond in my room but using it will drive my electric bill up the wazoo because of a compressor problem. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. DH said we have to live prudently. I agree BUT this is a NEED, not a want. Pregnant ladies have special privileges don't they? Sigh!

My stomach is now the size of a little watermelon. I can still wear my rubber-waisted house pants but have to pull out the maternity dresses for church. The tummy is not as big as it can be yet but I'm already finding it a tad difficult bending down to put on my pants. Great excuse to get my kids to do things for me. Hahahaha.

It was such a relief to hear the baby's heartbeat during my last check up. Once again the nurse tried with one of those doppler gadgets. She did take a while but we found it. I've also felt baby move more often now. Nurse's advise before I left -- drink milk! Not just any milk but those specially for expecting mothers. I'm not really a milk drinker and I didn't really bother much with it with my last 3 babies. Nevertheless, I am being obedient and got myself a packet of milk for pregnant ladies.

Well, the 2nd trimester is suppose to be the best. I totally agree! I'm at 20 weeks now, so I'm half way there. Don't know when the doctor will scan again coz' I'm eager to know the sex of the baby. People have been asking too. Which do I prefer? I have no preference. As long as baby is healthy and obedient, I will be happy!


  1. 2nd trimester is surely the best.... hope you have a wonderful time and yes mangoes are in abundance here too... :)

  2. Hi Ai Lian, yep 5th mth is d best more energy, tummy not that BIG that it obstructs u when washing dishes n driving haha...more energy to cook yummy stuff...

    Oh yes..have u decided which hospital to go to?

    All the Best in winning an air-cond and enjoy ur pregnanthood....(glad it rained these two days!)

  3. a&a'smom15 May, 2009 13:44

    So glad that pregnancy is going on well. All the Best too for the contest!

  4. what a great news to know that everything going well.


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