Monday, May 18, 2009

Used Golf Bags For SALE!

I've got 4 used golf bags sitting in my house. Anybody interested in buying one, please write to me. New golf bags these days are so expensive. So these used bags are ideal if you (or someone in your household) are just picking up the game. I can meet up at PJ, Subang or Bkt. Jelutong to hand over the bag(s).

Here's a little bit about the bags:

  1. Black Saujana Bag - 9" opening. Quite heavy and very sturdy. Like a competition bag. Still in pretty good condition. RM150
  2. Green bag - 9" opening. Still looks quite good. Not very heavy. RM90
  3. Plaid bag - 8.5" opening. Also quite light. Strap is torn (refer to photo below). You might want to change it. RM80
  4. Maxfli bag - 8.5" opening. Looks a bit worn but definitely still usable. RM80


  1. hi there..i am interested can i get in touch with you..i am looking for a bag for hubby..thanks
    i can be contacted at

  2. Too bad I have no talent in sports.


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