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Top 10 Reasons eBook Marketing Rocks

When I wanted to learn how to do business online, I chose to sell children's books. Although it was fun to shop for the books and I believed I was helping many mother's out there, it turned out to be an unlucrative business. Of course if I had the capacity to expand the business as big as Amazon, then maybe it would have been worth my efforts. But I'm just a SAHM trying to earn some extra bucks. It turned out to be too much work and not enough pay. Anyway, I don't regret doing it. It was my "learning lab". My online bookshop is still around, but rather than sell physical books, I'm now selling e-books. My target are still parents and include topics such as parenting, education, work from home, home management and personal improvement.

Why the change?
Well, one of the main things is that it allows me to own an international business. A business that is not confined by geography. If you sell physical products, your main target would be those around your locality. Selling to oversea clients is still possible but shipping is usually a pain.

eBook marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of making money on the Internet. It’s inexpensive to get started, there is minimal upkeep and the profit margin is huge. Whether you want to earn an extra few hundred dollars a month, or make a full-time income online, eBook marketing can be just the ticket.

eBooks are easy to create, sell and deliver and services like Mom PLR eBooks make it even easier.

If you are wondering if you should venture into eBook marketing, read on to find out the top 10 reasons eBook marketing rocks:

1. eBooks are popular.

Despite the so-called economic downturn, the demand for eBooks continues to increase. According to the International Digital Publishing Forum, sales of eBooks in the United States increased, from US$8 million in the fourth quarter of 2007 to over $17 in the last quarter of 2008. There’s no doubt that the demand for eBooks is high.

2. eBooks are easy to write.

You don’t have to be an expert or a writer to create and market your own eBooks. In fact, you don’t have to write them yourself. Services like Mom PLR eBooks create the eBooks for you, and all you have to do is to market them (and Mom PLR eBooks makes marketing easier, too).

3. eBooks are “green”.

Because eBooks are digital, they don’t require paper, ink and fuel to print, store and ship. This makes eBooks attractive to consumers, who are becomingly increasingly concerned about the environment.

4. eBooks are inexpensive to produce.

Because there’s no printing involved, all you need to produce an eBook is software to transform the text file into a PDF. This software is bundled in Mac computers, if that’s what you use, or is available inexpensively for Windows users. Plus, it’s super easy to update an eBook and make it more current, and you won’t be left with stockpiles of old or obsolete versions. That said, if your customers want a printed version of your eBook, you can easily make it available as well through print-on-demand services.

5. eBooks are cheap and easy to store.

If you were selling physical books, you would have to think of where to store all your stock. You could keep them in your house, or pay for storage space elsewhere. With eBooks, all you need is web hosting, which you can have for as little as $5 a month (and getting even cheaper). Plus, you don’t have to worry about protecting stocks from dust, rain, mold and rodents.

6. eBooks are free and fast to deliver.

You can “deliver” an eBook to your customer as quickly as you send Email. This is a big advantage, especially to customers who need to have the solution to their problems right now - like the Mom who is up at 2 am wondering how she can get her baby to sleep through the night.

7. eBooks can be consumed “on the go”.

Everybody’s so busy running around nowadays, and we like being able to bring information with us wherever we go. With a digital book reader or cell phone, your customers will be able to bring their eBooks with them anywhere. They’re much less bulky than printed books.

8. eBooks can be transformed into other information products.

From a marketing point of view, each eBook is a potential gold mine. You can: split it up into articles, short reports, or eCourses. You can transform it into audio and video. You can use it to provide regular content in membership sites. Or, you can combine individual but eBooks into “the ultimate resource” for your niche. As a member of Mom PLR eBooks, you’ll get a 5-day eCourse, newsletter topic ideas, and more tips for using and marketing your monthly eBook.

9. eBooks make it easy to cross-sell and upsell products.

A really cool feature of eBooks is they allow you to hyperlink to websites. This means you can add affiliate links to products or services that are relevant to the eBook’s topic. You could also link to other eBooks that you sell, including higher-priced products and continuity programs. This is why some marketers make money from giving away eBooks.

10. eBooks are interactive.

eBooks are going high-tech! You can now add audio and video files into them. You can insert a survey form that the reader can instantly submit via the Internet. All this makes for a richer experience with eBooks, which is sure to make them even more irresistible to consumers.

In short, eBook marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income online and Mom PLR eBooks makes it even easier.

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