Saturday, April 15, 2006

Moving House Blues

No thanks to the mini landslide that is happening beside my house, my family has decided to relocate. There use to be squatter houses next to us but that has given way to the construction of low cost flats. They dug away the earth without putting retention walls and now with the constant rain, the earth has eroded resulting in the small road beside my front neighbour's house and my house to give way. Of course now they are working on it. But damage has been done already.

The photos above where taken from my front gate. As you can see, they have put up barriers at the end of the road. It really is a hassle getting the car out of my house now. I have to back into my front neighbour's gate to get out.

Well, anyhow, we have found a place to stay at Puncak Alam. It is new territory to me. Feels a bit scary to venture to a non-familiar place, learning where to get things and probably getting lost as I try to find my way around. But in a small way, there is also a bit of excitement and sense of adventure. Of course I will miss my beloved Petaling Jaya. The area in Puncak Alam is not yet as developed. Just have to be patient and wait for everything to mushroom around the area.

Unfortunately after the decision to move comes the headache of actually packing, moving, cleaning, transferring .... I know many out there have vast experience. I do appreciate whatever feedback you can offer. No we will not be hiring professional movers. Cutting cost is a family priority now. Anyone in PJ area that can donate boxes to me?

Moving checklists that may be of interest:


  1. what a absolute mess! this what you call malaysians. i dont give malaysians much credit when it comes to development and building. and the authorities seem to be more reactive than proactive. only trying to mend what's broken and not trying to prevent what shouldn't have happened.

    i wish you good luck in moving. there is no easy way out in just got to grit your teeth and just do it :)

  2. Darn what a hassle! You could try getting some boxes from hypermarkets. They have lots of empty boxes and are quite happy to give them away for free if you ask them. Good luck with your move :)

  3. like that also can ah? is like forcing people to move out of the area one... such bad planning!

    good luck in moving to your new place... nice to meet new people also lah :)

  4. Good luck with moving into your new place..
    Then, you must change the school also ah?


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