Monday, May 15, 2006

Froggy Update

Some people have been wondering what have become of my tadpoles. Well, half way through my moving house, two of the tadpoles decided to mature into frogs. It happened rather quickly after they developed 4 legs.

After I had moved into the current house, there was another tadpole on his way to becoming a froggy. He was getting pretty close but ended up dead one morning. Don't know what happened. I wonder if he drowned as I added a little bit of water to the tank the day before. Not too much but I guess it may have been too much for him. How sad!

It's interesting how when we caught the tadpoles, I thought they were all going to turn into frogs and the same time. But it looks like they take turns -- only one or two mature at a time. Now I have another two with legs and the rest... they look like they are happy being tadpoles.


  1. Arrgghh! They've turned into frogs! I've got to get outta this blog NOW! Hehehe. Can you tell I'm scared? I'm afraid my kids have to miss out on this science project.

  2. i have been wondering for awhile. Where do I catch these tadpoles. Wanna let my girl learn on the development of tadpoles to froggies.


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