Monday, September 25, 2006

Of Seeds and Noses

1 saga seed + 1 little boy's nose = A whole lot of trouble.

Never in a million years did I think my 3 year old boy would shove a sage seed up his nose. I thought I had taught my children not to do such things but looks like I've been mistaken. He had come to me with the saga seed he found in his play room, asking if we could throw it in the pond. We use to do in the park when I was living in the previous location. I told him we were too far away from that pond now. I then asked that he go look for the other saga seeds that we had collected then so we could do some counting. Next thing I know, he is crying and digging at his nose. I take a look and there it is!

Rule no.1: Don't scream when there is something up your child's nose.
Obviously that was not what I did. Seeing my panic he somehow got the seed lodged even deeper into his nose. From visible it went to partially visible but only with the use of a flash light.
I wanted to use tweezers to get it out but decided not to in case I pushed it in even deeper.

Rule no.2: Make sure your child knows how to blow his nose properly.
When D had a congested nose before, I tried to teach him how to blow his nose. But he didn't quite get it and always ended up sniffing in instead. So now, when we asked him to try to blow it out, all he did was suck it in even more.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, we took him to the nearest hospital (which was really small) and thank goodness the doctor managed to get it out with a modified paperclip. If that didn't work, we would have had to take him to a bigger hospital and I don't even dare think what they would need to do. And thank goodness D was very brave and didn't cry one bit but just laid very still for the doctor to do his stuff.

While waiting for the doctor, I was talking to my DH and mentioned how in all the lessons I've tried to teach them, I may have missed out the "don't put things up your nose and ears" lesson. Obviously my little boy was listening very attentively coz' when I asked him "why did you put it up your nose?", he replied "you didn't teach me!"
Rule no.3: Don't forget to tell your children DON'T PUT THINGS IN YOUR NOSE AND EARS!


  1. Hi there, Was just surfing and reading a friend's blog when stumbled onto your blog. I just had to leave a comment. My Daughter (age 2) put a pea up her nose not to long ago. I gave her some pepper to sniff in hope that she would sneeze but that didn't work. So, I leaned over and pretended to kiss her but instead, I blew hard into her mouth ...... it worked, the pea came shoting out .. all covered in snort ... nice!

  2. Thanks for popping my blog. Your story reminds me of the huge bead that went up my elder daughter's nose. I didn't scream, but my inner being was a wreck. Kept telling her to breathe through her nose while fetching her to the big hospital. With some special forceps, it came all out, wet and pink!

    Funny how we can teach all we want, but the lessons learnt are all their own experiences. In short, we depend on God's grace to churn out the best in our children, no matter how much we hone them.

  3. gulp... i hv a feeling i'll be going thru this episode somehow.

  4. When my daughter was 3y/o, she had some sponge up in her nose and we didn't know about it. AFter few weeks, she had runny nose. And we thought it was just a normal runny nose until the paed told me somthing is inside her nose.

  5. whoa! dangerous stuff! my mom also related the time when my brother stuffed a button up his nose!

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  7. Oh my goodness! Luckily you were around to attend to him!

    I still remember Champion pushing a cotton bud into his ear, quite deep until he bleed..

    Sometimes we forget those listen things. Only when it happens, we realise it could happen!

    Hope he's feeling better now..

  8. Hahaha. Looking at all these comments just shows that its an innate nature for kids to put things into whatever holes they find.


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