Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Petronas Gas Station's Roof Blown Off In Storm

What a freak storm we had yesterday. Just as the heavy rain began to fall, a sudden strong gust of wind picked up. The next thing we know, the zinc roof of the Petronas gas station next to my house peeled off piece by piece and flew in our direction. Quickly I yelled for my kids to get in the house. The kids huddled together as the heavy rain fell and the thunder clasped. My daughter said it looked like a twister as the wind was swirling round and round. Of course we don't have twisters in Malaysia. Later my eldest brother said it is possibly as downburst or microburst.

After the storm passed, I went outside to see what damages had been incurred. Thank goodness, nobody's houses or cars were damaged. Nobody was injured too. Most of the neighbors came out and we related our experiences to one another. One neighbor had a frame picture fall and shatter some glass. Another neighbor had one of the zinc roof pieces blow into her house compound. Thankfully a pillar blocked the piece from hitting her car. A few houses were without electricity.

Later a few guys came to collect the zinc roof pieces laying on the road. My guess is they were from the gas station.

I'm very thankful that I decided to go outside to be with my kids. I was only outside a few minutes before the storm started. I was there to see what was happening and warn them of the danger. My eldest girl would have stood there to watch if I didn't ask her to get inside. They saw what was happening but it didn't incur in their minds that there was danger.

Here are some of the pictures I took.

 I'm standing on my porch. That is the gas station.

 One piece of the roof lying across the road right in front of my house. Thank goodness it didn't fall on my house.

Didn't realize until later that there was havoc at the back of my house too. My clothes stand had fallen. The other clothes stand was initially on the cement area was pushed out into the garden. Needless to say, all my clothes got wet. And I just hung it up to dry a few minutes earlier. All have to be washed again.

 I looked over at the gas station and they had stuff hanging down from the roof.

 A neighbor's house with their awning collapsed.
 I heard they just put that up not too long ago. 

 Walking up the hill, I got to peek at the damages to the gas station's roof. 

My immediate neighbor's awning was torn off and nearly blew into my porch. Thank goodness the fence stopped it. Or it would have damaged my car and my  porch awning.


  1. Thank God that nothing was damaged and no one was injured.

  2. Wah that is really bad disaster. Luckily no one get hurt.

  3. Sheoh Yan and Vickylow:
    Yes, we gave many thanks in our prayers that day. So scary that disaster can strike anytime.

  4. Good grief! That must have been a terrible storm. We had a bad one here too yesterday afternoon - heavy downpour and thunderstorm and flash floods...but not as bad as over at your end. At least, nobody was hurt, praise the Lord!

  5. Oh my, that could have easily injured someone, or worse. This goes to show how powerful Mother Nature can be. We are just mere beings when she displays her spectacular power. It is something we can't avoid, but we can learn how to live with it.

  6. Thank God everyone's safe. Freak storms can do that. The roof of my parents' house was blown off once and it fell on our neighbour's car 2 doors away. I was in secondary school then. Scary!

  7. oh my goodness!!!! cannot imagine if it cuts anyone?

  8. Where I live when there is a storm, it is pretty fierce they can take down my heavy big pots of plants. It is good that that storm at your place did not hurt anybody.


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