Saturday, July 14, 2012

5 Ways to Ease Back into Shape after Pregnancy

The media has single-handedly done an excellent job at telling the world that celebrity moms have one-upped us regular folks yet again by bouncing back to their pre-baby weight in no time at all after pregnancy. However easing back into exercise isn’t that easy for many of us, and it’s unlikely that we’ll shed all of that baby weight in six weeks, and maybe not even six months. That doesn’t mean you’re doomed to carry it around with you forever though. Use these five tips to ease back into working out and shaping up:
  1. Don’t do too much too soon:
    It might be tempting to want to jump back into hard workouts as soon as you get the go ahead to start exercising from your doctor, but it’s important to remember that taking any amount of time off effects your strength and endurance, so doing a little bit at a time is much more beneficial than going crazy and then burning out or getting injured.
  2. Make a schedule:
    Find a time that works for you, your spouse, and your baby and try to stick to it as best as possible. Maybe you have 30 minutes before your significant other has to leave for work where he can watch the baby and you can sneak in an exercise DVD or a run, or maybe you have an hour over lunch time where you can walk around the neighborhood and push your newborn in a stroller. Prioritizing time for exercise is the only way that you’ll get back into it.
  3. Remember that you deserve me time too:
    New moms often are worried about leaving their babies for any amount of time, and have trouble justifying taking any time to themselves to do something for their own benefit. Despite any misgivings you may have though, you’re going to be a better mom for taking some time for yourself every day than not. You need that time to decompress and relieve some stress.
  4. Clean up your diet:
    Many women indulge more than a few times during their pregnancy, and this can cause some less than stellar eating habits. Start to clean up your diet now that you’re only eating for one again, and try to consume as many healthy, whole foods as possible. Your baby needs you in optimal health to provide the best care for him, so start eating better for both yourself and your baby.
  5. Be flexible:
    Try not to be too rigid in any routine, as you’re likely still sleep-deprived and adjusting to being a new mom. Prioritize time for your health, but also realize that it’s OK if you can only fit in two or three days of exercise at first. You’ll develop a steady routine over time.

Returning to healthy food and exercise habits after pregnancy is something that many new moms struggle with, so don’t think you’re alone. Try not to get hung up on any particular time frame you have to lose the weight by. With a healthy mindset you’ll be able to bounce back from any pregnancy weight gain in a time frame that’s right for your body.

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