Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Computer Rules for My Kids, Plus Educational Links

So I've been quite stressed with the way my kids are using the computer. I hate it when they play games where they are just senselessly banging on the keyboard to get a character to shoot, kick, punch and do whatever fantastic kung-fu like moves. Or they go on YouTube to watch cartoons. I just get so irritated because to me its like wasting time. Plus, with my younger boy (now 5 years old), it has become an addiction. The first thing he says to me in the morning is... "mommy, can I?" That's his famous line when he wants permission to get on the computer. And when I reply that he has to read a book or do some writing first, his whole face changes like someone just died and then the tantrum starts: crying and kicking.

I also get very ticked off when I see one kid watching his/her sibling playing games on the computer. It's like the eyes are permanently glued to the screen whether or not it is their turn to play. And the worst is when they start whining about how someone else got more computer time or is on the computer too long and they start to fight and bicker over it.


However, I understand that in this day and age, computers are in their very fibers. So, I decided to revamp my computer rules in the hope that the time they spend on the computer, is a more fruitful one.

So, these are my rules, clearly written on a whiteboard hanging in my living room.

If you can't really see it, this is what it says:
  • You can ONLY use the computer if/when you are given an assignment to do or if you've earned a special privilege. 
  • Work/Study before using the computer (They have assigned house chores, plus some homeschooling).
  • Unauthorized websites = banned for 1 week.
  • No watching others play computer.
  • Sign-up sheet (So there is no more quarreling on who gets to play. They now have to book their time).
  • 1 1/2 hours only (Yes, still have time as to how long they can use the computer).
  • Whining, complaining, fighting = No access to computer for 1 day.
So, each week now, I will browse around for appropriate games and activities. I email each of them this "authorized" list of webpages. Even though it takes a bit of my time to do this, things have been better. My kids have been very good now to stray from the list too.

Here is the list for this week. I'll try to share my list here every week. Maybe, you'll find this useful.
* This list is for my kids aged 5 -11 years old. 

 You'll have to check yourself to see if the games match your child's skill level.

Do you have problems with your kid's computer habits?


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