Saturday, February 02, 2013

What You Can Do When Reading With Little Kids

I came across an article that shared 10 tips on how you can make reading with your children more enjoyable. Here is the article: Early Literacy Strategies

 2 tips that I particularly like are "‘Plant’ words during the ‘preview’" and "Make connections". Read the article for further explanation.


  • My kids always enjoy our reading session more when I use funny voices for the different characters.
  • It is okay to skim through the book without reading it word for word. Some young kids do not have the patience sit through the entire book. Or they have yet to learn how to enjoy reading books. So you can keep your reading session short by just flipping through the pages and talking about the pictures. Summarize the story in your own words or change the story in a way that you know will catch their attention. For example, instead of focusing on the story, you could flip through the pages and ask your child to point out certain things in the picture e.g. "where's the dog in this page?" or "can you find the blue flower in this page?"
  • Interactive books are fun for young children. As you read, they get to lift the flaps or press buttons.
  • Don't push your child to read. If they don't want to read anymore, let them go even if you're in the middle of the story. Try to find another time to read. Maybe they don't want to read because it is not interesting to them. After a while, you should get an idea of what kind of books they like.
  • It shouldn't just be about learning to read. Be careful not to ask too many questions while you're reading. Sometimes you just need to enjoy the book together. Remember, education happens when you make it fun.
Here are some books that I've enjoyed reading with my kids.

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