Monday, March 31, 2014

Brainzy: Making Computer Time Fun and Educational For Preschool to 1st Grade

I think many of us parents have a hard time controlling the number of hours our young children are on the computer. It is almost to the point of addiction... or is it just my kids? Every day I hear the same question, "Mom, can I use the computer?"
You can't really ban computer from their lives. So the next best thing would be to make sure they are using their computer time wisely.

Learning does not always equal "boring". Kids can play computer games and be learning at the same time. Brainzy is one such program.

Try a free trial of the Brainzy educational games program today!

This is a paid program. I know there are many free programs out there but not all of them are good quality. There is a free trial for Brainzy. Give it a try before you decide if it is worth your money. See if your children like the games. If they are having fun and you see learning taking place, you should consider adding Brainzy to your education resources.

Go check it out for yourself.

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