Thursday, September 29, 2005

Need to teach manners? Call the Super Heroes!

My little girl has a spirit of a leader. She also has a spirit of a wild horse. What I mean is she likes to tell people what to do but puts up a fight when told what to do. When we advise her on proper behavior, she would answer with screaming, scolding and sulking. Unfortunately this ugly scene was played out in church last Sunday involving two good friends of mine. We've had our lesson on manners but we know how quick such lessons are forgotten. After last Sunday's display, it was definately a time for a repeat lesson on manners.

Monday nights are our Family Home Evening nights. It's a time we come together as a family to discuss important issues, formally have a family lesson, play games and then eat treats. Well, I discovered somewhere in my files a cute lesson on manners. Let me share it with you.

Picture of Super Heroes as below (unfortunately I'm missing the other three Super Heroes). You could try making your own as well. Put them on popsicle sticks if desired.

Don't you just love super heroes? Wouldn't it be a great world of every one would act like a super hero? It would be easy to love one another if everyone acted like one. Well, we can't control the world but we can control ourselves.
Now, a super hero doesn't have to be large or strong. He doesn't have ot know how to fly or shoot webs from his hands. He only needs to treat others like Jesus would treat them. Having good manners shows others that we love them and that we believe they are special.
There are six special rules we can learn to help us have good manners. These rules are like super heroes too. So, meet the GREATEST Super Heroes of ALL TIME!
Hold up each super hero and read their descriptions.

Super Hero descriptions:

  • Electric Excuse Me. Here is an exciting guy who is like a light in the darkness. He comes to your rescue when you have sneezed, burped, passed gas, bumped into someone or need to interrupt someone.
  • Thunder Thank You. He is called Thunder because his effect is load and penetrating. He will rescue you when others have done nice things for you and leave everyone feeling good.
  • Cool Can I Help. He is called cool because he always knows when someone needs help and he is always the first to offer his assistance. He will come to your rescue when someone is in need.
  • Super I'm Sorry. A most powerful super hero. Super is alert and aware when an offence has been made. She is quick to correct and make amends. She will rescue you when you have made a mistake and come with the greatest rewards of peace.
  • Power Please. She is always around, always close, for she is like a good habit. She will rescue you when you need help form others and if you do as she says you will get more than you ever needed.
  • Yankee You Go. Here is a generous guy who feels free to let others go first and gives everyone a chance. He will come to your rescue when it is best to sacrifice for the joy of others.

Read each situation and have them pick which super hero they would be.

Situations: (Make up your own to suit your circumstances)

  1. Your mom bakes your favorite cake for no reason. Which super hero should you be?
  2. You are sharing a bag of M&M's with a friend. There is only one M&M left in the bag. Which super hero should you be?
  3. You mom is busy cleaning up the house. She looks tired running around. Which super hero should you be?
  4. Your dad is talking to his friend but you have something important to tell him. Which super hero should you be?
  5. You are thirsty but can't reach the cup on the top shelf. You need help. Which super hero should you be?
  6. As you run past your brother, you accidentally bump him and he falls. Which super hero should you be?

I got this terrific lesson from one of my yahoo groups. Unfortunately I think that group is no more. I would love to give credit to the person who came up with this but I don't know who that person is. If you are the one who created this beautiful lesson, thank you very much.

Karina enjoyed this lesson. But I know one lesson is not enough. There will have to be plenty of follow ups. So is it a plane, is it a bird, NOOOOO... it's Super Hero Princess Karina.

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