Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mimosa Pudica Fun

This morning sickness has not been good for my blogging. When the energy level is down, it's difficult to sit in front of the computer and think. But I think my poor blog is due for an update.

Well, just to share our newest discovery. While playing in a nearby park, I noticed the many Mimosa Pudica around the area. Of course growing up I called them "Touch-Me-Nots" or in Bahasa Malaysia, "Pokok Semalu". You know, those thorny little plants that close their leaves when you touch them? Anyway, I realized my children had not been introduced to this wonder and so I rallied them round and showed them the magic of this plant. Now our walks in the evening is not just about getting some fresh air, but also to spot and play with the many Mimosa Pudica along the roadside. I must say, it does keep them occupied for a while.

And while posting this blog, I learned that this plant even have medicinal values. So the next time you see a Mimosa Pudica, don't just think it's a pesky thorny plant. There is more than meets the eye.
1. Khasiat Pokok Semalu Untuk Wanita (sorry this is in Bahasa Malaysia).
2. Some medical data.


  1. Each time when i walk pass the mimosa, I'll make sure to step all of them. Yeah, dancing on the field like a little girl. Turn my head around and with a relieve sigh... make sure all of them was closed. Then waited for them to open-up again and repeat my action. lol.

  2. Hi hijackqueen,
    Sorry I haven't been replying the comments. See the computer too long, I feel like going to pengsan already.
    Anyway, thanks for visiting and "speaking up". I know what you mean about "dancing on the field like a little girl." It is quite irresistable to "kacau" them. So if I even see a lady dancing on the fields, I'll know it's you. Hehehe.

  3. Semalu is good for me too :-)


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