Monday, June 26, 2006

Things I Love When I Have Morning Sickness

There are many things to hate when one is down with morning sickness. But instead of dwelling on the negatives, I'd like to list some of the positives I've encountered.


1. A darling husband who is ever willing to cook me porridge coz' I can't eat anything else.
2. He also picks up where I fail like preparing meals for the kids and sometimes bathing them.
3. He doesn't demand or complain about the neglected housework.
4. He understands when I lie in bed almost the whole day coz' that is all I can do with the strength I have.
5. A fantastic FIL who cooks potato chips for me just because of a fleeting crave.
6. A cute son who hugs me when I feel cold and says "Mommy, I keep you warm."
7. A loving daughter who understands that Mommy feels sick so she bathes herself and also her brother. She also says "Mommy, I will try not to disturb you."
8. Listening to your children pray "Dear Heavenly Father, please help Mommy not feel sick."

I'm so glad my children get to see how wonderful their father is. He is not afraid to help with the housework or care for the children. To end, I would like to share a saying that goes like this:

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother."


  1. such caring and loving family you have there :)

  2. Hi Egghead:
    Thank you but don't get the wrong picture. Not always caring and loving. I'm sure you know what I mean. Just choosing to highlight the good. Blogging about the ugly side might take longer. Hahah. Just kidding.

  3. So undertsanding.. that it very important at this stage hor :)

    I agree with you, "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." and your husband is so sweet to help you out ;P

  4. Came here from Marsha's. That's so sweet, sigh. I hope your morning sickness eases off soon.

  5. You have a loving hubby!
    Noticed most hubby will be more sayang their wife during pregnancy! Agree?

  6. ... and when you have morning sickness it means the little one in there is kicking healthy. ;)

  7. came here from my own blog! this entry makes me wanna cry. yes, touched by your husband's devotion. but also wanna cry because i just found out that i didn't train my husband PROPERLY!!! :-) good on you for choosing such a fine husband.

    p.s. maybe you can email me his ugly side so that i wont feel so bad, eh?

  8. Awww ai lian, hubby is a star! big hugs, girl, hope u get better soon, anything u call ok?

  9. Geetha,
    Yes, hubby has always been helpful. He's been independent most of his life.

    Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind wishes.

    Yalah, like how a hero emerges when there is a damsel in distress. Hahahah.

    I can just imagine when baby actually starts kicking. Goodness!

    To train your husband, maybe don't play superwoman. Hahahah. But actually in my home, the one that needed training was me. Of course he has his bad sides, but can close one eye coz' he has his good sides to balance it off.

    Cuddly Family,
    Your DH not bad too what! All I need now is to eat some "pak koh yee mai". Blast these cravings.

  10. a&a'smom30 June, 2006 22:36

    I totally agree & is definately true! Glad u r able to see the blessings inspite of the morning sickness. Take care!


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