Monday, October 23, 2006

Talent Show

My church is having a talent show on the 4th November for the kids in primary. There aren't many kids in our branch so every child will have to do something, including my girl.

Here is my headache: WHAT SHOULD MY GIRL DO?

It's not that she hasn't any talents. She has plenty! So, what shall we do?

  • Sing? But what song? I think singing nursery rhymes at 5 years old is not considered a talent anymore. Maybe for my 3 year old. Church hymns? She is already doing that for their primary presentation scheduled another day. I was thinking maybe a song from the show "Land Before Time" Really cute songs and they've been singing it somewhat. But have to find lyrics and the music accompaniment. Sigh!
  • Dance? Need a choreographer. Can't just put on a song and have her do wild and weird movements. This time, lack of talent is on the part of the mother. Hehehe.
  • Story telling? She can't decide what story to tell. This is probably the best thing for her to do. Mom just needs to put some effort to do the coaching.
You know what I hate most about these concert type talent shows? It doesn't really showcase a child's talent. It's quite limiting in the sense that children have to do something they can perform on stage. How do you display:
  • talent for sports
  • talent for entertaining your baby brother/sister
  • talent for playing computer games
  • talent for math, legos or puzzle games
  • talent for fixing things
  • talent for making others feel good when they are down
  • talent for writing
  • talent for debating
  • talent for cooking
  • talent for optimism
  • talent for diligence
  • talent for courage
  • talent for solving mysteries
  • talent for gardening
  • talent for initiative
  • talent for helping others
  • talent for languages
  • etc....
Everybody has a talent, so I don't think it's fair to limit a talent show to that which just involves entertainment. BUT I guess they can't find a better name for the event. So I guess entertain we must. I just wish they could would call the show something else because the REAL talent show is being displayed in the lives of the children everyday.


  1. you are dr.john's link of the day to visit :)
    what a great post and I so agree with you. I loved your list of talents and how precious they are too.

  2. Here from Dr. John also. I agree all kids have lots of talents and deciding is half the battle. My daughter would probably stand up there and make up some cheers she has been doing that alot lately. I am tired of hearing her yell,"GOOO TEEAAMM!!" Oh well love your blog I will stop back and read more another day!!!!

  3. I had the same frustration raising my five kids. They soon learned to participate in these kinds of events with a dramatic reading or singing with a group. You have a nice site!

  4. talent shows are so pressurising for everyone especially little one's. my 5 year olds got one coming up to but the teacher is doing the coaching and it's in her class room with only the childrens parents watching not the whole school,so hopefully it won't be so worrying! wish your little one well!
    Dr John asked me to drop by!

  5. Awww.. a talent show.. how cute!

    I think that Land Before Time song would be great for a five year old to sing..

    I'm usually disturbed by the kids singing songs such as "Toxic" by Britney Spears at such a young age..

    Tell her to "break a leg!"

    Oh ya.. I'm here cuz Dr. John said so!

  6. Congrats on being Dr John's link of the day!! I love your post. Things with kids is always such a challenge when there are these types of decisions. I am sure that any talent she chooses will be wonderful, inspired, & entertaining. Have faith in the kid...she will choose correctly. No worries!!.

    My talent...I am an actress...& I write.

    Thanks for sharing your day.

    Blessed be,,,

  7. If she can sing, by all means sing a song!!!!!! Here via dr John.

  8. I feel sorry for the shy ones, no matter how talented a child is performing in front of a large audience can be pretty daunting so whatever the child feels most comfortable doing would be the wisest choice, so let her choose and help her believe in herself. Hope your girl has a wonderful day!
    Here on a link from dr. john.

  9. (As dictated by Chana and typed by Cuppojoe)

    Sometimes these things are more for the parents than the children. Don't stress about it too much. You're probably worrying about it too much. Just let her decide on something she'll enjoy doing, then sit back and enjoy her.

    Sent by the Talented Dr. John.

  10. The talent show sounds like a lot of fun. You'll come up with something fun to do, maybe a little cheer for Jesus? That way she can dance, jump, sing and tell a story all at the same time.


    (stopping by via Dr. John.)


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