Monday, October 09, 2006

Smarty Pants

Kids just have the knack of asking questions that you can't answer or making comments that very clearly says "Mom, I'm no fool ok?"

Here are two recent conversations to amuse you:

Grandma: Do you know what is the king of fruits?
K: No.
Grandma: It's the durian.
K: So, what's the queen of fruits?
Grandma: Errr... there's no queen of fruits.
K: I think it's grapes!
(Just because she is eating grapes at that moment and she truly loves grapes.)

Mom: Please stop kicking your shirt around. If you do that, your shirt will not like you anymore.
D: The shirt can't talk!
Mom: Yes, I know what it says.
D: Where is the face huh? The shirt don't have face!
Mom: Whether can talk or cannot talk you shouldn't treat your things like that.
(Sigh! It's tough when your lies don't work anymore and you have to think up of ways to save yourself).

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