Monday, February 26, 2007

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

Every family has their own traditional dishes when it comes to Chinese New Year dinners. Thought I'd share what my family had this year.

What is missing? There was also soup. Not "Lian Ngau" (Lotus Root) though, but ABC soup. There was also suppose to be "Siu Bak" (Roast Pork) but mom forgot to bring that out. In the past, there would be "Tau Yew Bak" or Tau Yew Kay" but not this year. Why two dishes of prawns you may wonder. Mom wanted to try out this oat prawns that she had eaten earlier at someone else's place. She was testing out the dish. Since she is testing out dishes and there were left over prawns, I also tested out my prawns in mayo+thai chilli sauce.
The Ayamas chicken, obviously purchased, don't seem to gel with Chinese New Year but I guess it's a quick way to reduce the cooking load.

Well, I had to attend to baby when the dinner started and so, was the last one left eating when everyone else had finished. Then it was like "why don't you finish this," "there's only a little bit of that left" etc.... Therefore, this year I earned the title DBKL, DBPJ, MPS... whatever you call those people who clears off leftovers. Plus with breastfeeding, I was able to eat and eat and eat too.

Anyway, it was a good dinner. Thanks mom for cooking.

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